Let each other be
Abscondo Home Concert (May 15th 2021) | Looking Forward

Seek happiness in the world and find only fear

First, there is the fear that you will never find what it is you seek. Then, there is the fear of losing it. All this for a happiness that is shallow and temporary at best.

If happiness is just around the corner, and if its source is in the external world, why has it not yet exactly arrived after a lifetime of hoping, chasing, sacrificing, and waiting? If it has not arrived after so many years, what reason is there to believe that another day or another year will bring any different result?

Forget the misguided lessons of this world. Look now and look within. The source of everything we seek is in the vast, inner spaciousness. We continue to do, to create, to engage in the world—but in so doing we try not to shift attention from the inner energy field that exists in the eternal present moment.

Now joy flows freely. Energy soars. The mind lets go of insanity and begins to serve the true reality. Now your life situation does improve and you are happier—not because something happened in the external world; rather, because you went within. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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