You cannot not teach
Sexual healing and gratification is yours through perfect love

Parenting is a role, not an identity

Moms and dads can sometimes become so involved in our parental roles that it becomes an identity.  Parenting demands so much of our attention that it can sometimes feel like it is who we are.

Yet our children grow and change so quickly. Then one day, the role is no longer required at all. If someone’s identity has become that of mom or dad—or as a family as a unit that is always together—this identity eventually, painfully vanishes.

The truth is, parenting is a temporary role, not an identity. There are so many things that our kids need from us and our role constantly changes as they grow. But there is one thing that never changes: the love we share.   

By choosing to value the eternal love relationship with our children above all else, we can disidentify from the temporary parental role identity. We can enjoy each season of our children’s lives as a scene from our unique movie. We can let go, knowing our children are not really ours; rather, ours only to help and to love.

The only true and lasting identity is love. Align with this identity by learning what unconditional love is and does—and then by putting it into practice faithfully. We can love ourselves and everyone in our lives perfectly and completely.

Roles are necessary and interesting but belong in the background. Stand firm on that which is real, true, and eternal—perfect love.

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