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You cannot not teach

It’s so amazing what happens when you let go

To let go is to allow everything to be as it is, independent of you. To stop trying to control anything or anyone. To give up on everything that isn’t working. To forget about fixed plans, unrealistic dreams, obligations, and expectations.

You let go by allowing yourself the freedom to be as you are. To be complete honest. To say what you mean. To move according to what inspires you rather than according to what people think or say about you.

Letting go is a scary notion because you cannot know what is going to happen. The mind cannot grasp the totality of reality, so it cannot predict or envision a future beyond the decision to let go. You know that everything will change, but have no idea how. For this reason, letting go is always a leap of faith.

It is a leap of faith based on a deeper knowing—that reality and truth must be better than a clinging to falseness and illusion. That what naturally fits into your life must be better than what doesn’t. That there is a much deeper, bigger, more beautiful, and perfect reality to be revealed after the mind stops trying to figure it out.

It’s so amazing what happens when you let go. To say that it is beyond your wildest dreams and expectations is literally true. To give up the mind’s control and domination over your life is not only to unlock the prison door, but to effortlessly navigate the most beautiful reality outside. An adventurous journey taken in stillness. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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