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Facebook is not secure. My account was hacked, hundreds of dollars were spent on advertising. Facebook offers no solution.

I need to warn users of Facebook never to link a credit card or PayPal account. Several years ago, I ran an advertisement on Facebook. Two months ago, I was suddenly logged out from Facebook and prompted to sign in. The problem is that my password was changed. I could not login. Furthermore, my email address was changed. I had no way of resetting the password.

One would think that there would be a way to communicate this hacking to Facebook to reset my account. What one finds out in such a situation is that there is no way to contact anyone at Facebook. I spent many hours attempting to either gain access to the account or report the problem. In the end, I am 100% sure that Facebook offers no solution.

I found out much later that whoever hacked into my account--I have good reason to believe it is a Facebook employee--spent $600 of my money to run ads. I have no way to recover this money. PayPal won't do anything about it, nor will Facebook. In the end, I had to close a credit card and submit an issue to PayPal just to block future transactions, but I am still concerned that a very bad person still has access to my Facebook identity and that there is nothing I can do about it.

Lacking any other options, I actually used the process of reporting myself as a deceased person just to get the attention of a human being (if there are any) at Facebook. Lacking a death certificate, what I got back is only a link to the same broken non-solution that fails again and again.

Do not use Facebook, especially for advertising or in any way linking your financial information. This has been the worst experience of fraud, both by the sad person who stole from me and the company who fully enabled it and doesn't care at all. This is a sick company that is robbing us, selling us advertising that never seems to deliver sales, censoring free speech with false "fact-checking" assertions, and could care less about hacking incidents, theft, and fraud.