The way isn't hard, but it is very different
Nothing you do or think or wish or make is necessary to establish your worth. (A Course in Miracles)

You who fear salvation are choosing death. (A Course in Miracles)

There is no magic in salvation and it requires no ritual. It is not a onetime event from which there is no going back. Because it is a state in which you are absent of fear, salvation is indeed nothing to fear.

Salvation—or true spiritual awakening / enlightenment / awareness of consciousness—is a state of existence in which a person has overcome the problem of ego. An ego is a mind that believes it is separate from the rest of reality, that you are only a body and mind, that your thoughts are supreme, and that life is about being right, better, and your purpose is to win.

Ego is a thought system—or endless thinking game—in which players move between 6 roles: judge, prosecutor, defender, jailer, oppressor, and victim (Read “Games Ego Plays”). It is a cynical mind driven by fear and acting through attack. Ego is a parasite that controls you, but it is not you. It is what makes you sometimes get mad and say crazy things.

To choose ego is to choose death by aligning with a body that will perish as you cling to an impermanent world of illusion. All matter—physical form—is always changing. There is nothing stable. It is a dance of illusion.

Salvation happens when we stop believing thoughts. When we become the observer of them. When we notice the insanity of fear and recognize the full knowledge and truth of love. When we identify as the force of life, itself. When we value all that is invisible / imperceptible / not matter / not “stuff”—love, feeling good, inspiration, joy, bliss, truth, beauty. When we recognize that God is the same thing as love, the same thing as life, the same thing as consciousness—and all the words, the details, and the confusion merge into a oneness and clarity.

Salvation is a choice we make each moment—a decision to die to the world and align with the source. It is a step beyond faith, to knowing. It is a decision to kill / escape / laugh at any insane thoughts that we observe. It is a decision to place the mind in service to the thought system and energy of love—which naturally heals the body and ends your problems.

In salvation, there is nothing to fear. You are always free to go back. The thing is: when you experience the awakened state, you won’t want to. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.      


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