What is special about you?
Is spiritual awakening real?

What is the one thing that holds people back from spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is all or nothing. To awaken spiritually, you must go all the way. All the way to what?

1) To absolute faith in perfect love as the only appropriate response and the correct solution to every challenge.
2) To a total commitment to perfect honesty and wanting only truth.

While I break this out into two separate points, they are one. A fundamental attribute of perfect love is perfect openness and honesty—but failure on point 2 is so common that I wanted to draw your attention to it (my free eBook, The Switch is about this).

Other attributes of perfect love include forgiveness, acceptance, openness, and generosity. Regardless of the path you are on, the teachers who you follow, and the words you use to describe spiritual concepts—anything less than a total and complete commitment to perfect love always and with everyone is no spiritual awakening. You may fall short at times, but you see it right away and correct.

If you hold back—perhaps maintaining any belief that some thoughts or truths should be private, that attack and punishment sometimes teach a lesson, that corruption and evil have real power, that you are vulnerable and fear is legitimate, that you are guilty, that illness is real, or that worldly powers have legitimate authority—then you are not spiritually awakened and remain in the normal, egoic state. If ego remains real to you at all, then you remain in a state of confusion and suffering.

When I say go all the way, I am not speaking of sacrifice. Go all the way to joy. Notice anything, anyone, or any situation that pulls you away from joy. Stop agreeing with it. I don’t mean you should avoid people or situations; rather, speak your truth to it and accept whatever outcome. No discipline is required for you to spiritually awaken because you are only giving up everything that you do not want—everything that causes suffering and crisis. Constant discipline and sacrifice is what must be given up and unlearned if joy and peace are to be experienced.

Now, if you have been living in a way in which you have not been perfectly loving always, and have not been perfectly open and honest, you will have to go through what appears to be suffering and crisis for a time. The cause of this transitional phase is not your spiritual awakening; rather, that you have been living in error up until it. Now you need to go through some life changes, which will happen naturally—requiring no planning, strategy, or manipulation on your part. If you are unwilling to accept this process, you are holding back (which is what we are talking about). If you go all the way, then everything will fall into place.

Go all the way, where there is no more internal conflict or confusion. I assure you that only love is true, only consciousness is real, that you (as spirit) are invulnerable and eternal. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Posted by Abscondo

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