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What is the one thing that holds people back from spiritual awakening?

What is special about you?


The ego thrives on the belief that you are special, different from everyone else, or somehow better. To prove their specialness, people make an identity based upon externalities such as accomplishments, possessions, beliefs, looks, characteristics, or other details having to do with a life situation. While some of this is mildly interesting, the truth of your identity cannot be found in these notions of specialness (nor can any lasting sense of satisfaction or enjoyment).

Rather than seeing reality, specialness would have us identify with our mental stories and then fight to the point of exhaustion to make them true. This is a fool’s errand, because there is nothing that can be done to make a special identity real. You can sacrifice, you can fight, you can ride the ups and downs, you can give it all striving for what you think is important—but nothing can change the deeper truth about you.

What is wonderful about you—your real potential—flows from just being. Access this by knowing that your identity is not your stories; rather, it is your spirit or consciousness. If you have accomplished something, or if there are special talents or beautiful personality traits that others enjoy in you, it is because you have become your best self by remaining centered in your spirit identity.

Rooted in the oneness and sameness of being, you can enjoy all the loveliness the world has to offer. Life flows nicely without much effort. Things tend to work out. The pace accelerates because you no longer resist. You feel perfectly complete, and success fills your life not because you had to reach for it; rather, because it flows from within. We continue tomorrow and each day after that. 

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