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What can I do about it?

If you see the corruption, the robbery, the fearmongering, the horrific violence and deception that has been thrust upon the global population for as long as we have all been alive—the question that comes to everyone’s mind is “what can I do about it?”

As a lone individual or even small community, fighting back against the ruthless group of unimaginably rich and powerful people does not work. They control the media, the courts, politicians and more. Violence does not work. Protest does not work. Exposing the ugly truth does not work. Why? Because the entire system has been rigged against us. When we play their game, the house will always win. The system that they have designed has been capable of squashing any threat.

I believe that the white hats—through the NSA, other parts of the U.S. military and their many alliances—have been ripping apart this sick system of control piece by piece over the past few years. Many of us, who are following the real world events, believe we are moments away from a Biblical shift in power. Justice will finally be served. A fair new Quantum Financial System (QFS) is being put in place. Truth and freedom will prevail. Yet we also understand the enormity of what is going on behind the scenes. Despite some very real frustration, we wait patiently as we watch the shocking developments.

But what can we do until we reach this destination? What if it never arrives? What can we do to be free now, to live in joy and safety, to thrive and experience our lives properly? Furthermore, what can we do to create change? What power do we have?

This is what I have been talking and writing about for these past 5+ years and how I have been living for the past 15. What I have been saying in countless forms is very much like what Simon Parkes said in yesterday’s talk, “You have to craft a form of living, now, that doesn’t rely on these people.”

You do have the power to withdraw attention from their media. You do have the power to take your mask off and not to receive the vaccines. You have the power to overcome your ego. To awaken to consciousness / God / Love. To always speak the truth.

You also have the power to start your own business and achieve financial independence. To create multiple steams of income. To diversify your wealth via cryptocurrency. To define your relationship models. To parent according to your values. To educate your children in truth. To enjoy all the beauty in the natural world. To take care of your health. To get in shape and feel good.

You have the power to decide which job to take, which laws to obey, which ideas to adopt, and what to do with your time each moment of each day. This is not a battle against anyone or anything; rather, it is a claiming of power—which is your free will. Nothing external has the power to conquer, enslave, or ruin you. This only happens when you give away your power—and you do this by making fear real.

If you can align with perfect love in all your thinking, seeing, and doing, what you will find is that all power is within. To fight back against false power is to be dragged into the error of violence and attack—where you are always vulnerable to counterattack. Instead, live in truth now. Awaken. Be an example for everyone around. This is the way. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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