What we believe about illness becomes our experience with illness
You who fear salvation are choosing death. (A Course in Miracles)

The way isn't hard, but it is very different

Throughout my life, I have quietly watched a world where suffering and crisis is the normal way of life. Where people are physically in pain, made obese victims of corporate junk food advertisements, made confused by the narratives of TV and films, and have become detached from nature and common sense through a school system designed to domesticate rather than educate.

I have been made to feel alone as I silently listened to all the trivial, meaningless conversations and debates about nothing in a world where inspiration and beauty is crushed in friendship, family, and relationships. A world where “love” is understood as an abusive arrangement filled with expectations, threats, blame, argument, and shame.

I have survived world where jobs deplete and then dispose of us, where the news media lies about everything and covers the rest up, where big pharma offers the “help” of harmful drugs that only numb us and make us sicker, where churches ask us to sacrifice more but offer little help with salvation, where every aspect of society has been controlled by those whose intentions are to use us up rather than to nurture us.

I saw it, I rejected it, and I tried to find my own way. But the ways of my ego were no solution. Absent of any real wisdom, my brief moments of pleasure only caused so much suffering and crisis.

The purpose of suffering in our lives is to reveal errors of any path other than spiritual awakening. There are many different words and ways of explaining spiritual awakening, but when we decide that it is real, when we learn about the eternally true principles, and when we put it into practice fully, then the suffering and crisis of the world ends.

You do reach a state of ongoing joy, filled with beauty and pleasure, absent of pain, suffering, and crisis. You become the energy of love—within you, flowing from you, and filling your mind with its true thought system. You create so much value for others that your life is filled with abundance. You experience perfect health in life, and you embrace the eventual death of the body without fear.

It is possible to experience a life without fear, without ego, without confusion, without drama, without suffering, without problems—all of which is an unreal creation of an unhealed mind. The way isn’t hard, but it is very different. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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