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The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected (A Course in Miracles)

The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected, and the ego will not prevail against it. Amen.
-A Course in Miracles

By “The Kingdom” is meant the state of heaven, salvation—and it is within. More than this, it is what we are. By extension, I am also referring to our society, our world.

The ego—the force of evil, darkness, deceit, corruption, oppression, exploitation, violence, and cruelty within some of us and all around us—cannot and will not prevail. This would be fundamentally impossible. If at times it feels like evil is winning, that there is a real threat against you, it is only at times when you forget what you are and become lost in fear.

Some damage can be done, some destruction can occur, but the ego cannot prevail over life when life itself is the truth and reality of love. This “reality of consciousness” permeates not just every living being, but all matter in the universe. Divine consciousness is primary. It is reality. Ego is a sickness, a denial of reality so unreal that it only exists in the hell of a sick mind.

To awaken is to recognize the unchangeable state of unity, the one consciousness, which is also called the Holy Spirit, which is God, which is Love. It is all one and is beyond threat because it exists in the realm of non-matter (in the empty space). It is there we are eternal and safe.

Nothing can attack or change empty space. Swing at it and you pass right through. Bodies can be attacked and murdered, minds can be fooled for a time, fearful and foolish people can be convinced to do terrible things. But if you choose to live in The Kingdom—which means you are no longer trapped in the mind, no longer see yourself as a body, or life story, or ego—then nothing other than what you are will prevail.

When more of us awaken to this message, the entire world will be freed from evil. All that exists will be held safely and lovingly in the arms of the true knowledge of Love. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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