What is the one thing that holds people back from spiritual awakening?
How can I experience a spiritual awakening within the context of a normal and stressful life?

Is spiritual awakening real?

When I use the word “ego” or “spiritual awakening”, most people tune out—perhaps holding the opinion that ego is only natural and that spiritual awakening is just something egos talk about to make themselves seem superior.

I am sure that there are people who do fake enlightenment, who adopt it as an ego-identity to fit in or collect followers. I don’t fit with those people either because I’m too honest. If my goal was to be popular, clearly everything I am doing is wrong. Fortunately, I have no interest in popularity.


5 or 6 years ago, I experienced spiritual awakening and have remained in this state. There is nothing special about me; rather, I merely studied the concepts and applied what felt true. My life then transformed to an extent that I felt an absolute calling to share what I have found.

At first, I felt that there was no need for me to do any of this because enough people probably know this stuff. As time went by, I realized that the knowledge I had acquired—through my understanding of the concepts and through radical application in my life—is perhaps unique enough that it needed to be shared.

The other reason I write most days and give talks is that it helps renew my spiritual faith. If you don’t touch this stuff daily, you slip back into ego. This, my 723rd almost daily spiritual post, is as much for me as for any audience who stumbles upon it. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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