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What we believe about illness becomes our experience with illness

There have long been religious and spiritual traditions that reject modern medicine. From the perspective of those who are unaware of true spiritual faith, “faith healing” seems misguided, dangerous, and absurd. Non-believers imagine countless people needlessly suffering and dying by naively depriving themselves of medical care. I get it. That was my opinion prior to my spiritual awakening.

Though I am not religious, the Christian Scientists, Religious Scientists, Amish, and likely many other churches share my belief in faith healing. A Course in Miracles teaches that illness is caused by an unhealed mind—that it is impossible to get sick if you are in a state of right-mindedness. Spiritual teachers like Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra also cover this in depth, as does Eckhart Tolle. I would go as far as to say that a person who is truly spiritually awakened (otherwise called atonement, salvation, etc.) understands and accepts the non-conventional, higher truth about illness.

While religions may put it in different terms, the idea is basically that illness is caused by ego. To spiritual awaken is to undo the harmful effects of ego, such as fear, panic, stress, and drama—all of which continuously weaken the immune system and divert vital energy away from the maintenance of perfect health and healing. To place genuine faith—even beyond “faith” to what might be called “knowing”—in God or Love is to overcome the ego and undo this fundamental problem with the functioning of the body.

Like most people, I used to get sick every month or two. I believed that I was powerless against germs and infection. Because we believed it, my family and I experience illness as our reality. Then around 6-7 years ago, I came to understand this relationship between ego and illness. Since then, illness has no longer been real in my life.

On a few occasions, I did start to feel a scratchy throat. I then immediately recognize that, in fact, I had been stressing more than usual—that I had slipped from my awakened state and was suffering from some egoic thoughts. On those few occasions when this did happen, I spent the day meditating many times. In each case, the illness was then reversed, and I was literally healed within one day.

I have not been to a doctor for 20 years and do not take any medication because I do not trust the corporate healthcare system. I do not believe that putting toxic substances into your body is the path toward healing. If it works for some, it is because they believe it works. They can do as they please. I, on the other hand, am not afraid of germs or illness in any form. It is purely a matter of spiritual faith that has been proven as reality.

The truth is, anyone who places full faith in this message—beyond any doubt—experiences the same reality as I have with respect to illness. Furthermore, this is a foundation of religious and spiritual freedom.

Any attempt by the state, media, or anyone to universally impose a “healthcare system-based reality” upon us is a direct attack on our spiritual and religious faith. It is fundamentally wrong to mandate masks or vaccines. It is an authoritarian, tyrannical attempt to force those who know the truth about God to publicly deny what we know. We resist because spiritual truth is primary. Any censorship against this message, or any punishment at all, is just as bigoted and wrong as racism.

Imagine how misguided it is—this attempt to brutally impose an untrue thought system upon a minority who knows better and does not believe in it. I would invite any honest, scientific-minded person to study people like me. What you will find is that the truth is self-evident: what we believe about illness becomes our experience with illness.

People often argue, “But Coronavirus is real. I had it and I have never been sicker. It was terrible.” To that, I say yes, of course. This is what you believe. When I believed as you, I also experienced illness the same way. Like millions of people across religious and spiritual traditions, I now know the truth about illness. I would like to please ask that you respect us even though we are different from you. It is a question of decency, tolerance, and basic human rights.  

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What are the basic elements of a perfect sexual relationship?

Sex is divine. Most people feel an irresistible urge for perfect sex. When we get sex right, nothing in life is more enjoyable. But such great power must be approached with respect and handled with wisdom. Otherwise, sex has the power to destroy.

When the following 3 conditions are met in your sexual relationships, then nobody gets hurt, no damage is done, and the relationship is as healthy and beneficial as it is enjoyable. Sex is good, right, and healthy when:

There is open and honest communication:

Too often, seduction involves deception. Maybe there is an implicit promise of forever—or at least of an ongoing monogamous relationship—when that is not the real intention of one or both parties. Others settle for a less than perfect sex life because they are afraid to talk about their likes, dislikes, or expectations in an attempt to please a partner.

The simple rule here is: whatever is on your mind, whatever you want, whatever you feel, you both need to share it. Open and honest communication requires a relationship based upon patience and acceptance—involving no judgement or attack. If you miss the mark of perfect honesty or perfect acceptance of the other person’s honesty, you can apologize, talk about the error, and try again.

It is important to mention that the openness and honestly does not only extent to the two people in the sexual relationship. Honesty also must extend to anyone else in your lives who may be legitimately impacted. Non-monogamy can work, but only if there is perfect honesty and openness in all your intimate relationships.  

There is compatibility:

If there is no physical attraction both ways—no genuine excitement or mild obsession when you think about or look at a person—there is no point to forming a sexual relationship at all. Furthermore, your likes and preferences should be compatible in bed and even with respect to your life situation. If there is no fit, accept the situation, move on, and allow the relationship to be whatever it is (or is not).

The relationship is loving:

Your job is not to judge whether the other person is loving; rather, for you to be loving in everything you feel, say, and do. We are talking about your relationship with a person who is willing to share everything with you, to bare themselves completely, to experience the ultimate vulnerability that can be shared between two people. Whether or not you both intend to stay together forever, such a relationship must be approached with the thought system and value system of love.

Perhaps no word is more misunderstood in this world than “love”. Perfect love is not something you get from another person. It is found within as you learn to love yourself. As you begin to discover love’s forgiveness, acceptance, patience, peace, and bliss, you are naturally more capable of extending it to others. As you do, you find that your relationships are wonderful, and nobody gets hurt.

Perfect love unlocks the other two elements. Without love, perfect honesty is impossible because it is often nasty. No one wants your judgements, manipulations, or attacks. Without love, there can also be no compatibility because you are not offering anything desirable.

When we stray from these three perfect conditions, the sex isn’t as good and there are negative consequences that are more severe than any pleasure we get from the sex. But if you can truly put these principles into practice, and even gently show your partners how to do the same, you can enjoy an ongoing sex life that is better than your wildest fantasies.

Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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Those who use nastiness, force, or attack to control your behavior must never be allowed to succeed in doing so

Have you noticed that society has become thoroughly nasty and violent? Probably since you were too young to remember, your behavior has been controlled by those who use attack against you. Of course you have tried your best to avoid being scolded, punished, or criticized. The sense of shame that comes along with it is a terrible feeling, isn’t it?

Most people will do anything to avoid nastiness, punishment, and attack—and this avoidance is exactly how we are controlled. The thought system of attack is used everywhere and all the time. Parents harshly criticize and punish, friends tease and mock, neighbors give dirty looks, and spouses and lovers play the never-ending and very ugly game of who is right and who is guilty. Then we turn on the TV and are threatened by the news. The government threatens violent punishments to implement arbitrary and ridiculous laws that we never agreed to. Even the very presence of the police and military represent a violent threat in an unjust, violent society.

Now, the new normal is a demand that we submit utterly and completely to insane, draconian rules—to cover our faces, to shut up about it or have our free speech taken away or worse. Attack is now far more common than decency or kindness. It has overtaken our lives and has imprisoned us.

The good news is that attack is a prison with no walls, constructed entirely of our own fears and perceptions. The reality of attack requires your judgment that it is real, that it is indeed to be feared, and that you are a guilty, wrong, disease-carrying sinner. The good news is that you, not the attackers, have the power to decide the reality of what you are.

You can decide to withdraw all attention from attack. Wherever it is used against you, you can ignore it and follow your heart. The peaceful, loving, and innocent are not the wrong doers. You are not a problem; rather, those who use attack are ill, they inflict great harm, and they need correction. They are miserable, live in a hell of their own creation, and attempt to trap you in it. But it is not your hell. You are free. You are life. You are truth. The hell of attack does not need to touch or control you.

The story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the story of overcoming persecution. This is exactly what I am speaking of here. You might enjoy meditating on it this Easter. We can undo the shackles of nastiness, violence, and punishment only when we stop letting it control us. Be you. Do what you know is right. Speak the truth. Do not ever let the attacks against you stop you. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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How to live mask-free and sane in a crazy world (April 2nd, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #102)

If you are against lock-downs and against mandatory masks, today's podcast will better prepare you to cope with the challenges and overcome the common obstacles.

I'm proud to say that YouTube banned the video, but you can listen on Bitchute

Or listen to the mp3 version of the podcast here:

Abscondo Podcast 102

You can also download the Abscondo Podcasts wherever you normally listen to podcasts.


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To undo the disastrous effects of tyranny, we need only awaken to being and recondition the mind to love

Tyranny: we have protested it, we have tried to ignore it, complained about it, and simply spoke the truth about it. Still nothing changes.

But there is something we have not tried yet: a Consciousness Revolution / Great Awakening. It is the only true and lasting revolution because it is the only loving one. If the problem is a system based on lies and fear, then the solution is a movement based on truth and love.

The only problem in this world is ego. To doubt this is to believe in the system. All centralized institutions are egoic in their functioning. To engage with them is to engage in ego. The battle cannot be fought on this level.

Each person who awakens becomes a revolutionary with all the power. We will not be manipulated because we are not fearful. Lies will not work because anything that is not true is easily ignored. We do not react to threat and intimidation because we are still and calm. We will ignore the institutions because we know what they are.

Truth and love emerge, the cycles of misery, depression, and addiction is broken. Triviality and meaningless consumption decreases.

Freedom is decentralized. Authority comes from within. The solutions come from us—but only when we escape our egos and ignore ego anywhere and everywhere it exists. Only our light can change the world—not through doing; rather, through being. Spread the word. Teach. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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