How can I experience a spiritual awakening within the context of a normal and stressful life?
Live not by lies (from Alexander Solzhenitsyn's 1974 Essay)

How much damage have institutions caused us?

By “institution”, I am referring mainly to the State, the media, the school system, organized religion, healthcare, psychology, and big pharma. I am also referring to our employers and other organizations.

The church calls us sinners and we believe it. Psychologists diagnose us with mental disorders and we believe them. Employers undermine our identity by requiring us to fake all day and we lose ourselves. The healthcare system pushes harmful drugs that make us sick. School teaches us to sacrifice joy for a future reward that never quite comes. Even the institution of marriage (State interference in our love lives) damages us by taking away our freedom to do, say, and think what we feel just because we want to love someone.

Despite all this open manipulation and abuse, most people blame themselves for their problems. They may see themselves as victims of the abuse, but how does that make you special? Everyone is a victim of institutional abuse. The question is how to overcome it.

Healing is impossible if you fail to see that no institution has legitimate authority over you. Institutions are dishonest and self-serving—seeking only to strengthen themselves. They gain power by robbing you of your freedom, energy, and by stealing your attention away from the beauty surrounding you. I have found that it is possible to function very well in the world even though I have zero trust or faith in institutions. That is part of what it means to awaken.

Deep down, even after a lifetime of abuse and manipulation—all the threats, punishments, negative labels, and toxicity hurled at you by corrupt institutions—you must know that you are good. If you have ever been responsible for harming anyone, then go make it right. After you have done so, you can rest peacefully in the knowledge that you are perfect, beautiful, and complete. Anyone who knows you can be grateful. Anyone who attacks, judges, or insults you is incorrect. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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