The Kingdom is perfectly united and perfectly protected (A Course in Miracles)
What can I do about it?

How many opportunities for joy have you refused?

The word “joy” is unpopular. The ego prefers the word “happiness”, but there is a clear difference. Joy is ongoing, lasting, eternal. Happiness is temporary and, because it is ab experience of the confused ego, it is always followed by its opposite (depression).

The decision for joy is as simple as always choosing love over fear…as simple as letting go of anything that brings you away from that state of joy…as easy as accepting all of reality unconditionally, as it is.

How many people have called out for your love, and in how many different ways? How many wonderful books have you left unread? How many beautiful days have you not noticed because you were too busy chasing something? How many times have you agreed to something even when your heart is begging for something else? How many lies have taken your attention away from the simple truth of joy? How many opportunities at health and fitness have you not seized and how has this affected your vibe?

The world has been upside down for a long time. In our never-ending quest for happiness, we have sacrificed joy. We have agreed to life structures where joy is impossible. We have filled our minds with so many details that we overlook the big picture.

Joy is now because it is always. It can only be accessed in the present moment. This message is yet another opportunity. Let your heart lead the way. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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