Is spiritual awakening real?
How much damage have institutions caused us?

How can I experience a spiritual awakening within the context of a normal and stressful life?

Many people avoid spirituality because they believe it would require them to change everything or give everything up. We have our jobs, relationships and marriages, and our children. Then there are bills to pay, the daily routines and chores to be done.

Is spiritual awakening even possible while living in “the real world”? Do you have to leave all your responsibilities behind, go to a mountaintop, and become a monk? Thankfully, no.

Spiritual awakening is different from a vacation. It is a way of perceiving, a thought system of love over fear, a decision to completely overcome everything ego is and does. What was most surprising to me, when I chose this path, is that everything in my “real life” went far more smoothly. I was a better life partner, a better parent, and a better business owner because I learned to approach the “real world stuff” without fear or resistance—with a sense of calm and acceptance.

When you leave the stress and panic behind, you make better decisions and treat people right. Also, from the state of present moment awareness, cleaning or doing the dishes is just something that can be enjoyed. I won’t go so far as to say that I enjoy dealing with money or paying bills, but now I can do it without any emotional reactions.

I give myself permission to enjoy whatever I enjoy, but most of my time is spent fulfilling my obligations in life. I have never been to any sort of spiritual retreat and do not require any external conditions to stay connected to the source.

Any awakening that requires an escape from real-world responsibilities is no lasting salvation at all; rather, only temporary escapism. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

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