Nothing you do or think or wish or make is necessary to establish your worth. (A Course in Miracles)
Loving the new album by The Killers, Imploding the Mirage

A sudden hunger for beauty will arise when the darkness of the world has been fully exposed, triumphantly defeated, and the Great Awakening has come to pass.

For a long time, our awareness has been directed toward ugliness. Listen to the new music, watch the cinema, explore modern art, do some channel surfing, check out Netflix or YouTube. You will notice that essentially all the content made over these past many years draws our attention only to ugliness. Now at the end of this dark era, our instinctive need for beauty is so tragically unfulfilled that we forget to search for it and have almost lost the ability to recognize it.

Of course, overwhelming beauty still exists, and it is everywhere. But most of the time we are not in a state to care. We are blinded by so many concepts, obsessed with our supposed problems, flooded with such crudeness and messages of fear, by images of darkness and violent error—that when true beauty does arise externally, we feel too lousy inside to truly embrace it from that place deep inside and beyond the mind. When we are not in a good place inside, beauty has no power.

The dark forces of the world have hidden beautiful art inside museums, flooded the airwaves with profane ego projection, and have perpetuated concepts that pull our attention away from the present moment—the only dimension where beauty can be recognized—and drawn that attention toward a racing mind of past, future, and all the insane thoughts and fictional concepts that go along with it.

Yet very soon, after the full extent of the darkness has been exposed, humanity will once again look to the horizon and remember what life is. The agents of darkness and ugliness will fade into obsolescence, and the world will be led by those who are most gifted at drawing our attention to beauty—which is, and has always been, truth and reality. The great hunger to come alive will be fulfilled. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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