We work with being, but non-being is what we use. (Tao Te Ching, 11)
No honesty in the world. Here's why.

You were born free, perfectly complete, innocent, and beautiful. You remain so the moment you undo belief in separation

To believe in separation is to think of yourself as a lone individual, cut off from other people, apart from society, and even separate from nature. How exactly are you separate from life, from humanity, or from the world? Let us look at the sadness, absurdity, and unreality of this perspective.

Is the life force within you not the same as the life force within me? Do our senses not perceive in the same way and do we not want the same things? Do we not breathe the same air, coexist with all the same creatures, plants, viruses, and bacteria? Are we not affected by the same political decisions and corruption? Are our bodies not made of the same elements? Do we not eventually confront the same death? Is the full experience of reality not part of what it means to be you? Could you exist, by yourself, floating alone in outer space?

Are we all not dependent upon the abundance of the natural world for nutritious food and clean water? Do we not need each other’s unique expertise, skills, hard work and creativity to create things and get things done? Can our thoughts really be kept private? Can our lies become true? Can you truly gain by taking from or diminishing me, or would doing so cause you some unwanted stress and suffering?

The insanity now apparent in this world—the face masks, social distancing, blind obedience, withdrawal, dishonesty, fear, stress, greed, aggression, stupidity—it all comes from this massive, fundamental error…the ego’s belief in separation.

Masks, the most impotent yet oppressive symbol of our time, do not work because they attempt to solve the problem of illness through separation. Belief in separation is illness and real separation is impossible. Let us spiritually awaken, leaving behind the mask forever as the final, tragic symbol of the mistaken thought system of separation.

Know that truth, reality, and wisdom are the opposite of separation.
Open your heart and mind because to maintain boundaries is to believe in separation.
Go outside, embrace the germs, maybe get dirty and wash your hands later. Your immune system is perfectly capable of keeping you healthy and that will never change.
Tell the truth always and about everything because lies are always exposed.
Serve people. Create value for them. That is how your life means something and how you create material abundance. They’ll need you, take care of you, and pay you.
Do not be afraid to love people forever. Do not be afraid to have children. Soulmates add to your life and never detract or diminish.

To forgive is to undo separation, to accept the reality of oneness, and to humble yourself to nature and to the divine. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.    


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