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What is my moral obligation to speak out and to tell the truth about Coronavirus?

If you are a healthcare worker, law enforcement officer, member of the military, government, or any private organization—and if you have come to the conclusion (or have evidence) that the pandemic narrative is a lie—then you are morally obligated to speak out, to tell the truth, do the right thing, and to accept any consequences.

Yes, we are all afraid of losing a source of income or being shunned. Those complicit in the Nazi and Communist crimes against humanity faced the same dilemma. The few made the right decision. The majority went along with the atrocities and were forced to live with it the rest of their lives. Now, people are dying from neglect by a corrupted healthcare system. Business are being destroyed by corrupted politicians. Peoples lives, families, and relationships are being ruined. Freedom, human rights, all that is good in the world is under attack.

Taking part in any crime against humanity is far more serious than your next paycheck. If you are a good person, then do what is right. For your own sake, and for the sake of all of humanity, align with truth and sanity now. Join the millions of us who have already made this difficult decision to stand on the right side of history. Justice is coming swiftly, and to continue taking part in one of the greatest crimes against humanity is the mistake of your life.

Be brave in the knowledge that the universe protects the loving and the truthful. You have been called to step out from the darkness and awaken. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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