All confusion arises from the conflict between the reality of love and the illusion of fear
Joy is absent of hope and fear

We have been manipulated by fearmongering and it stops here

In the old world (the one that is dying), the easiest way to capture people’s attention was to scare them. We know that every story in the news is intended to make us afraid, but most of the independent sources and so-called conspiracy theories are the same.

This fear-based communication has escalated into a never-ending argument about what we are going to die from, how we are going to be made slaves, and how hopeless it all is. These information sources have succeeded at capturing our red-alert level attention, but we are left feeling powerless and at the mercy of supposed forces we cannot possibly defeat.

While it is utterly impossible for any of us to either end the flu or defeat corruption and brutality in the world, we have blamed each other for a predicament that was created by the fear-based information sources, themselves. If we had not exposed ourselves to this toxic information, there would be no problem. The fear-based information is the virus, and the source of our enslavement and misery.

I have unfollowed anyone who has spread stories of doom and gloom. Facebook is impossible. I will avoid all news. I will avoid all entertainment where masks are worn (which pulls us back down into the memory of this insanity). I will turn off all content that causes fear or low energy. If they want my attention, they will need to be honest and transparent.

Is this living in an illusion? No, the opposite. The real world is the one of love, nature, beauty, creativity, openness, and freedom. For thousands of years, they have created false idols designed to steal reality from us by causing stress and fear. While their methods vary, one truth remains: the fear-based manipulators only have power if we agree to give them our attention.

In reality, you are invulnerable and eternal. Let go of any content or ideas that pull you away from joy. Your joy is your natural state, your strength, and the ultimate realization of you and your potential. All answers, all solutions, all reality is found in the light. You know you are embracing the light when you feel uplifted, when you are smiling and laughing, when you are yourself, when you are unafraid of tomorrow or what anybody might think of you. Rise up, and do not give in to the darkness of fear. Delete the fear wherever it exists. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Posted by Abscondo

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