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To undo the past in the present is to release the future

How do we undo the past? By recognizing false perceptions and beliefs. By correcting a wrong. By forgiving a person for an error. By accepting what happened as something that had to happen. By seeing everything from the perspective of love.

Without undoing the past, a different future is impossible. How can anything change when the very same ideas, beliefs, judgements, and perceptions continue to define our thoughts and behavior?

To undo the past is to awaken to the present—to realize that the stories you carry with you are not here at all. Each present moment is a clean slate—a space where we are free to create whatever we desire now. This is called letting go—which means losing nothing of value while gaining everything. It is also called awakening, and it is available to everyone each moment. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.  


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