I am not my self; the difference between your identity as consciousness and the ego-identity
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The world’s crisis is not mine and does not threaten me

The world is now openly insane. Yet the sane minority remain calm and without fear because we know what is real and unreal. We know that illnesses, attacks, threats, punishments, and lies are unreal to the point that they do not even exist. These are all just fear-based concepts of the ego—which is always wrong, confused about everything, and totally impotent.

Only what is real exists. What is true must be eternal, unchanging, and beyond threat (otherwise it isn’t real). There are certain laws to reality, and if we align with and obey these laws, we remain in perfect joy and peace. Here we cannot be threatened by the external violence and fear-based insanity around us.

In the simplest terms, reality is unconditional love and perfect honesty. We might call this the foundation of morality. Each of the Bible’s Ten Commandments, for example, relate to love and honesty. From this foundation, we can ask profound questions about what love is and what love does. What is it not and what does it not do? We can notice what happens when we think and act in a way that is not loving. We can also look at the inescapable consequences of dishonesty.

Belief in idols is the opposite of faith in reality. Belief in idols means belief that something unreal has power (status, wealth, a government, a healthcare system, a vaccine, etc.). In perfect love and perfect honesty, we are complete and perfect. Nothing can be added to complete and perfect—so there is no reason to seek or care about anything else. Everything we need in the world effortlessly flows to us when we shrug off idols and place all faith in reality.

This is no sacrifice and is not even difficult because nothing else but love and honesty are desirable. When you put all your faith here—when this becomes your reality—then that which is unreal does not even impact you. As the energy of love and honesty, you cannot be attacked. If someone tries, it will not affect your emotions and your loving response will diffuse the situation. All the fear mongering in the news, the endless threats of sickness, death, and violence against us—this is their attempt to make us believe in idols. Their idols are not any cure and their illness is not a reality.

There is only one way to end this crisis. We must want the truth—the good, bad, and the ugly. We must then learn what God’s perfect love is and what it does. We must understand what the ego is and does—and slay this serpent forever. The ego is that fear within you, that stress, that anger and desperation. It is also the collective ego that is driving all this madness everywhere. Fortunately, this crisis has finally exposed the ego’s insanity and ugliness—which has been living beneath the surface for thousands of years. Now that the insanity is exposed, there is no going back to a world where the ego can appear normal and functional. We are at ego’s end and God wins.

The only way forward, as individuals and as a society, is through unconditional love and perfect honesty. Our job is to learn to love ourselves, to humble ourselves and surrender to the Source, to find the bravery to speak the truth and want the truth—and then to extend that perfect love and truth-telling to a world of lost souls who need healing. To doubt this message is to decide against healing and joy and for suffering and crisis. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.  


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