No honesty in the world. Here's why.
Whenever anything negative happens to you, there is a deep lesson concealed within it; although you may not see it at the time. (Eckhart Tolle)

Only those who are perfectly open and honest deserve your trust and attention

It is so easy to get hooked on a news or information feed. Time and again, I have followed people and sources who seem to have special access or insight on world events. It seems that every time I begin to trust a source, time proves otherwise.

The problem is that nobody in the public eye is being entirely open and transparent. Most are intentionally deceiving the audience. Others are deceiving themselves and jumping to false conclusions. In the process, huge audiences are amassed, and new belief systems emerge that are detached from reality.

We fall for it because of a desperate need to hope or because of an addiction to fear. Unfortunately, our so-called news sources, leaders, and minor celebrities care only about one thing: growing and maintaining their audience. They are addicted to it and we are addicted to them. In the end, it is about nothing else.

Here is the reality: only those who are open and honest about everything are to be trusted. I cannot think of anyone who meets that standard. Q? No. We don’t even know who he is. The mainstream media? Right, let’s believe controlled propaganda to support the interests of the elite who own it. Donald Trump? Has he ever been entirely open or honest? We are told it is necessary—you know, top secret, art of war and all—but isn’t that how the world has always been run? Lacking transparency, no politician, government, or institution can be trusted.

I cannot think of anyone who meets the standard of being entirely open and honest about everything. People in the public eye get there by crafting an image, paying their way through, doing favors to gain access, and outright lying as they spoon-feed an audience. Those, like me, who choose not to play this sick game will never find much of an audience.

For many years, I have been putting out books, albums, podcasts, and over 1,000 blog entries—and all of it is 100% honest and open. I have put out in-depth analysis about the tragic COVID situation from the beginning—and nothing I have said is untrue. I have written about and talked about the effects of centralized authority—how it can never be trusted and how it will never serve the interests of regular people because institutions are designed to strengthen themselves. Not a message anyone wants to hear.

My material shows the simple, direct path to relationship and marriage bliss. I point the way to perfect health, inner peace, and abundance. I talk about how to live in a way that you are free, absent of suffering and crisis, and more. Furthermore, there is nothing about myself or my life that I hide. There is nothing valuable I know that will ever be held back. This is why I could not be more unpopular if I tried!

While the content I created years ago remains perfectly true and relevant with each passing day, while the ideas and teachings are powerful enough to fundamentally transform anyone’s life (if not my direct teachings, then certainly the source materials), and while all of it is entirely free—still the Abscondo project has achieved only a very minimal, fleeting following. Why? Because of ego.

95% – 99% of people in this world are in the grip of the ego. The ego does not want truth, honesty, or openness; rather, it wants to reinforce its current beliefs. The ego is vicious or highly suspicious of everyone except those on TV or in positions of institutional authority. People like me spend a lifetime trying to help others escape the ego, but awakening remains rare. The world is lost to deceit, corruption, violence, illusion, misery, and illness—and all because people continue following liars.

The truth is in you. The awakened you—when you embrace your humbled identity as love, as consciousness—are the solution to any problem. Trust your intuition, follow your inner guide, and walk with only transparent, honest, open truth-tellers. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.   

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