We have been manipulated by fearmongering and it stops here
Understanding Love vs. Hate and Hope vs. Fear (March 17th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #101)

Joy is absent of hope and fear

Hopeful and fearful ideas do not just come to you out of the blue. These concepts are put into your mind by a propaganda system designed to control you, and they have devastating effects.

Fear convinces you that the joy is impossible now because everything good is slipping away. You are told to believe that something will go wrong any minute now. You are going to die from this or get into trouble for that. Convinced that everything is going to hell, you feel obligated to fight a battle that you have no power to win. You obsess, argue about it, blame yourself, hate others, you study and explain every detail about the future threat—entirely overlooking the fact that many of things that people once feared are already here today. All of society is already a fundamental mess, and it always has been. 

Yet now, in this moment, perfect happiness is available to everyone—but only if you release yourself from the trap of fear and exist here, now. This means blocking fear-based information sources. You cannot expect to drink a bottle of wine and not get a little drunk. Similarly, you cannot expect to consume fear and not become intoxicated with stress and anxiety. The functioning of your body literally changes (feel your heartbeat accelerate, notice your facial expression, how you move, everything changes).

If fear doesn’t get you, then hope will. Messages of hope tell you to look to the future. If this happens or if you accomplish that, then everything will be okay. The underlying message here is that things are not okay now. You are not allowed to enjoy in this moment because the situation is not right, you are lacking in something, and are incomplete. So, you wait, you hope, you pray. You analyze every detail. You work toward and sacrifice for an accomplishment or situation that never comes. If it does materialize, you find out that it doesn’t actually change anything. More likely, the entire situation is out of your control and you are left only feeling frustrated.

You cannot enjoy the momentary, drunken high of hope without the hangover of disappointment that will follow. Hope and fear are a roller-coaster of ups and downs (mostly downs).

Belief in hope and fear is a fundamental cause of suffering. To awaken is to remember that you are already complete and perfect now, and that the present moment is exactly how it I meant to be. To sacrifice this moment is to miss life. Do not allow yourself to be controlled by hope and fear. Be love, be truth and honesty, be creative, be you now.

Withdrawing attention from hopeful and fearful thoughts isn't ducking your head in the sand; rather, it is taking your head out of the sand. Be free from hope and fear. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.