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The world’s crisis is not mine and does not threaten me

I am not my self; the difference between your identity as consciousness and the ego-identity

Consider the expression, “I can’t stand myself anymore” or “I don’t know what to do with myself”. You might ask, who is the “I” and who is the “self” here? A person cannot be split into two identities. One must be the real identity. In these sentences, the “self” being referred to is the ego or false identity. The “I” is the true identity—or “I am”. To spiritually awaken is to identify with the “I am” and not with the conceptual “self”.

You are not your thoughts; rather, you are the entity observing those thoughts, listening to the voice in the head, and perceiving everything else going on in life. The voice in the head is mostly insane.

Imagine spending one whole day saying out loud everything that runs through your head. It would be terribly embarrassing and annoying, so we keep most of it inside. Yet we find it perfectly sane and normal to take those thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions seriously and to react to them. If you believe the voice in the head is you, you will even defend those thoughts as if fighting for your life. Unfortunately, this ego-driven state is a dangerous and ineffective way to live—a roller-coaster of drama, suffering, and crisis.

The mind will continue to do what it does, but we don’t have to take every thought seriously. We can learn to recognize the negative and fearful thoughts simply as ego—and as ultimately unreal. When I talk about escaping the ego, it doesn’t mean that all the ego’s thoughts disappear completely. I am talking about observing the thoughts and recognize them for what they are—as merely the functioning of the mind (a “useful tool” as Eckhart Tolle often puts it).

There is nothing wrong with the mind, but you are not your mind. You are consciousness, the awareness, life itself. To meditate is to learn not to constantly think, and not to chase a train of thought. What is left during those brief moments when there is no thought—that is the essence of who you are. Become aware of your “I am” here, and you have awakened. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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