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We have been manipulated by fearmongering and it stops here

All confusion arises from the conflict between the reality of love and the illusion of fear

Today, I am re-committing to a life absent of fear. I recognize that, when I have allowed any fear to become real for me, then I am cut off from the divine, I am paralyzed as a creator, I am lost in confusion, and serve no purpose.

I also realize that fearful ideas and stories are no guide at all. I can easily navigate any situation and make any decision correctly without fearful details. I don’t need to understand how dangerous a vaccine is to know that I do not need a vaccine and am free to make my own choice on the matter. I don’t need to understand the sick and brutal truths about the powerful and corrupt when I know that total safety is the eternal reality for those who always forgive and do not attack.

Many try to capture your attention with fearful messages. There is always a moral justification for this, but causing fear is always cruel because it leaves you lost, stagnant, and depressed. I have only been happy in life when I have filtered out fear entirely. I withdraw attention from the news. I disengage from the dark, frightening conspiracy theories about things we cannot know for sure. I shift all my attention to the value system and thought system of perfect love.

All that is not loving is false, insane, and does not even exist. Love is truth, beauty, safety, freedom, and everything we do want. Love is light, and it cannot be conquered by the darkness of fear. But join in that darkness, and you may become lost.

My only purpose is to love, and from the perspective of love to always be creating. Raising children lovingly is one of the most creative endeavors because they, in turn, will love and create. Sharing this message with others is the same. I will create in music, in writing, in other art forms, and in my work. I will create visibly and in private, both in this life and beyond.

All confusion arises from the conflict between the reality of love and the illusion of fear. Today I am leaving no more room for confusion. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.   


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