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Whenever anything negative happens to you, there is a deep lesson concealed within it; although you may not see it at the time. (Eckhart Tolle)

The mind sees things in terms of good/bad, like/dislike, or love/hate. But to stop here is to miss the lesson. To miss the lesson is to deal with the same problem again and again.

Situations arise in our lives because an issue must be addressed. When something happens that feels negative, the purpose is to bring something important to your attention; and ultimately to strengthen you. Some challenges are given to us by the universe, others arise as an inevitable consequence of our errors—but each one of us does have a life curriculum that cannot be avoided.

In dealing with any challenge, the starting point is always acceptance. From there, the correct response is always to be loving and present. The purpose is spiritual growth, and life challenges are the best spiritual teachers. But resist spiritual growth and life becomes increasingly difficult. Learn the lesson, however, and move forward in peace and joy.

“There is only a higher good, which contains the bad.” -Eckhart Tolle

We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Only those who are perfectly open and honest deserve your trust and attention

It is so easy to get hooked on a news or information feed. Time and again, I have followed people and sources who seem to have special access or insight on world events. It seems that every time I begin to trust a source, time proves otherwise.

The problem is that nobody in the public eye is being entirely open and transparent. Most are intentionally deceiving the audience. Others are deceiving themselves and jumping to false conclusions. In the process, huge audiences are amassed, and new belief systems emerge that are detached from reality.

We fall for it because of a desperate need to hope or because of an addiction to fear. Unfortunately, our so-called news sources, leaders, and minor celebrities care only about one thing: growing and maintaining their audience. They are addicted to it and we are addicted to them. In the end, it is about nothing else.

Here is the reality: only those who are open and honest about everything are to be trusted. I cannot think of anyone who meets that standard. Q? No. We don’t even know who he is. The mainstream media? Right, let’s believe controlled propaganda to support the interests of the elite who own it. Donald Trump? Has he ever been entirely open or honest? We are told it is necessary—you know, top secret, art of war and all—but isn’t that how the world has always been run? Lacking transparency, no politician, government, or institution can be trusted.

I cannot think of anyone who meets the standard of being entirely open and honest about everything. People in the public eye get there by crafting an image, paying their way through, doing favors to gain access, and outright lying as they spoon-feed an audience. Those, like me, who choose not to play this sick game will never find much of an audience.

For many years, I have been putting out books, albums, podcasts, and over 1,000 blog entries—and all of it is 100% honest and open. I have put out in-depth analysis about the tragic COVID situation from the beginning—and nothing I have said is untrue. I have written about and talked about the effects of centralized authority—how it can never be trusted and how it will never serve the interests of regular people because institutions are designed to strengthen themselves. Not a message anyone wants to hear.

My material shows the simple, direct path to relationship and marriage bliss. I point the way to perfect health, inner peace, and abundance. I talk about how to live in a way that you are free, absent of suffering and crisis, and more. Furthermore, there is nothing about myself or my life that I hide. There is nothing valuable I know that will ever be held back. This is why I could not be more unpopular if I tried!

While the content I created years ago remains perfectly true and relevant with each passing day, while the ideas and teachings are powerful enough to fundamentally transform anyone’s life (if not my direct teachings, then certainly the source materials), and while all of it is entirely free—still the Abscondo project has achieved only a very minimal, fleeting following. Why? Because of ego.

95% – 99% of people in this world are in the grip of the ego. The ego does not want truth, honesty, or openness; rather, it wants to reinforce its current beliefs. The ego is vicious or highly suspicious of everyone except those on TV or in positions of institutional authority. People like me spend a lifetime trying to help others escape the ego, but awakening remains rare. The world is lost to deceit, corruption, violence, illusion, misery, and illness—and all because people continue following liars.

The truth is in you. The awakened you—when you embrace your humbled identity as love, as consciousness—are the solution to any problem. Trust your intuition, follow your inner guide, and walk with only transparent, honest, open truth-tellers. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.   

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No honesty in the world. Here's why.

Because everyone cares about what everyone thinks. It is all a projection. Image-crafting. Lies. Calculations of popularity. Well-intended, but never quite true. You want truth above all else, right?

I speak my truth, popular or not. Understandable or not. My standard is love and truth. If that is what you want, we continue tomorrow and each day after that.

You were born free, perfectly complete, innocent, and beautiful. You remain so the moment you undo belief in separation

To believe in separation is to think of yourself as a lone individual, cut off from other people, apart from society, and even separate from nature. How exactly are you separate from life, from humanity, or from the world? Let us look at the sadness, absurdity, and unreality of this perspective.

Is the life force within you not the same as the life force within me? Do our senses not perceive in the same way and do we not want the same things? Do we not breathe the same air, coexist with all the same creatures, plants, viruses, and bacteria? Are we not affected by the same political decisions and corruption? Are our bodies not made of the same elements? Do we not eventually confront the same death? Is the full experience of reality not part of what it means to be you? Could you exist, by yourself, floating alone in outer space?

Are we all not dependent upon the abundance of the natural world for nutritious food and clean water? Do we not need each other’s unique expertise, skills, hard work and creativity to create things and get things done? Can our thoughts really be kept private? Can our lies become true? Can you truly gain by taking from or diminishing me, or would doing so cause you some unwanted stress and suffering?

The insanity now apparent in this world—the face masks, social distancing, blind obedience, withdrawal, dishonesty, fear, stress, greed, aggression, stupidity—it all comes from this massive, fundamental error…the ego’s belief in separation.

Masks, the most impotent yet oppressive symbol of our time, do not work because they attempt to solve the problem of illness through separation. Belief in separation is illness and real separation is impossible. Let us spiritually awaken, leaving behind the mask forever as the final, tragic symbol of the mistaken thought system of separation.

Know that truth, reality, and wisdom are the opposite of separation.
Open your heart and mind because to maintain boundaries is to believe in separation.
Go outside, embrace the germs, maybe get dirty and wash your hands later. Your immune system is perfectly capable of keeping you healthy and that will never change.
Tell the truth always and about everything because lies are always exposed.
Serve people. Create value for them. That is how your life means something and how you create material abundance. They’ll need you, take care of you, and pay you.
Do not be afraid to love people forever. Do not be afraid to have children. Soulmates add to your life and never detract or diminish.

To forgive is to undo separation, to accept the reality of oneness, and to humble yourself to nature and to the divine. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.    


We work with being, but non-being is what we use. (Tao Te Ching, 11)

“We join spokes together in a wheel, but it is the center hole that makes the wagon move.
We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want.
We hammer wood for a house, but it is the inner space that makes it livable.
We work with being, but non-being is what we use.”
-Tao Te Ching, 11

In this verse, the dimension of “being” is meant as the physical realm, matter, or stuff. This material realm of being only matters to the extent that it allows us to use (or enjoy?) the non-material.

Everything we care most about is non-being—which can also be called invisible, non-matter, nothing, or spiritual.

The dimension of non-being—love, enjoyment, good health, comfort, inspiration, excitement, bliss, beauty—none of this is visible, yet we work with being only so that we may experience this. The value of something material depends entirely upon its relationship to the non-material.

A warm home, a refrigerator filled with good food, money in the bank—these things are only important if it provides time and space to focus our love and attention on our families, if we can focus attention on spiritual growth and creation, if we might be set free to become who we are.

We continue to explore the dimension of emptiness, non-being, the force of life itself, spirit, consciousness, love (all these words point to the same thing) tomorrow and each day after that.

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Knowledge is power because it is certain, and certainty is strength. (A Course in Miracles)

“To know is to be certain. Uncertainty means that you do not know.”

The ego’s survival requires your confusion. To become certain about anything real would free you from the ego’s control. This is why the ego convinces you to believe that everything is relative—or that the only absolute truth is that there is no truth. It would even make you believe that those who are certain of anything are egocentric. Remember, the ego’s mantra is “seek but do not find”. Exactly wrong about everything, the ego is an endless state of glorified confusion fueled by fear.

Consider this. An unawakened person is one who is afraid to question anything. An awakening person is one who has begun to question everything. While an awakened person no longer has the need to question because knowledge has already been remembered.

My job, as an awakened person, is to guide you toward your own awakening. Until that occurs, I cannot tell you what to be certain about. Though I may try, it will not be heard, will not be believed, and will at best be questioned.

Knowledge is yours to acquire, and it is done by unlearning everything blocking you from what is real and true. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.

“Knowledge is timeless, because certainty is not questionable.” -A Course in Miracles


Change can only happen in the mind

It is easy to pretend that your thoughts don’t have power. The truth is your thoughts are the most powerful force in the world.

Imagine, even if external circumstances (or perceived causes of problems) were to completely change, an unhealed mind would continue generating problems (symptoms). You can even treat those symptoms, but if the mind is not changed, more of the same symptoms will continue to arise from the same behaviors.

Notice how your mind never stops creating, even in sleep. Aside from during brief moments of meditation, the mind essentially never shuts off. Constantly interpreting everything, creating meaning, and telling you what to do. So change your mind, and everything you say and do changes with it. Everything you see is also understood differently.

But how, you may ask, can I know when my mind is working for me or working against me? If this is true, then what is right-mindedness? The answer is very simple, completely true, and there is no exception. If you have any fear (otherwise called stress, anxiety, or worry), then you are actively creating problems and nothing can change for the better. Notice also that, if there is fear, then you must be lacking love.

Healing (the Atonement) can only happen when you make up your mind to put all faith in love. Fear is the plague. The illusion of sickness in this world today is created by people consumed with fear and acting out those perceptions. The manifestation of physical sickness is caused by the same—a mind filled with fear rather than unconditional love.

But you don’t fully believe in the cure, which is why nothing will change yet. Your mind is so powerful that the solution is impossible if you do not change it.

To put full faith in love is to change your thoughts, to heal your mind, to fully awaken. It is salvation—a state in which your mind is aligned with the perfection, completeness, and safety of the soul / spirit / consciousness.

This shift away from the illusion of fear and toward the reality of unconditional love is the only path toward real change. To believe anything else is a choice to seek but never find. But to chose love is to find immediately, to enter heaven now, in this life, in this moment. The choice is yours. Yes, you have that much power. Total power over it all. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Understanding Love vs. Hate and Hope vs. Fear (March 17th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #101)

Getting to a good place requires that we understand the true meaning of love, hate, hope and fear.

You can also listen to the audio only version of the podcast here: 

Abscondo Podcast 101


Joy is absent of hope and fear

Hopeful and fearful ideas do not just come to you out of the blue. These concepts are put into your mind by a propaganda system designed to control you, and they have devastating effects.

Fear convinces you that the joy is impossible now because everything good is slipping away. You are told to believe that something will go wrong any minute now. You are going to die from this or get into trouble for that. Convinced that everything is going to hell, you feel obligated to fight a battle that you have no power to win. You obsess, argue about it, blame yourself, hate others, you study and explain every detail about the future threat—entirely overlooking the fact that many of things that people once feared are already here today. All of society is already a fundamental mess, and it always has been. 

Yet now, in this moment, perfect happiness is available to everyone—but only if you release yourself from the trap of fear and exist here, now. This means blocking fear-based information sources. You cannot expect to drink a bottle of wine and not get a little drunk. Similarly, you cannot expect to consume fear and not become intoxicated with stress and anxiety. The functioning of your body literally changes (feel your heartbeat accelerate, notice your facial expression, how you move, everything changes).

If fear doesn’t get you, then hope will. Messages of hope tell you to look to the future. If this happens or if you accomplish that, then everything will be okay. The underlying message here is that things are not okay now. You are not allowed to enjoy in this moment because the situation is not right, you are lacking in something, and are incomplete. So, you wait, you hope, you pray. You analyze every detail. You work toward and sacrifice for an accomplishment or situation that never comes. If it does materialize, you find out that it doesn’t actually change anything. More likely, the entire situation is out of your control and you are left only feeling frustrated.

You cannot enjoy the momentary, drunken high of hope without the hangover of disappointment that will follow. Hope and fear are a roller-coaster of ups and downs (mostly downs).

Belief in hope and fear is a fundamental cause of suffering. To awaken is to remember that you are already complete and perfect now, and that the present moment is exactly how it I meant to be. To sacrifice this moment is to miss life. Do not allow yourself to be controlled by hope and fear. Be love, be truth and honesty, be creative, be you now.

Withdrawing attention from hopeful and fearful thoughts isn't ducking your head in the sand; rather, it is taking your head out of the sand. Be free from hope and fear. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


We have been manipulated by fearmongering and it stops here

In the old world (the one that is dying), the easiest way to capture people’s attention was to scare them. We know that every story in the news is intended to make us afraid, but most of the independent sources and so-called conspiracy theories are the same.

This fear-based communication has escalated into a never-ending argument about what we are going to die from, how we are going to be made slaves, and how hopeless it all is. These information sources have succeeded at capturing our red-alert level attention, but we are left feeling powerless and at the mercy of supposed forces we cannot possibly defeat.

While it is utterly impossible for any of us to either end the flu or defeat corruption and brutality in the world, we have blamed each other for a predicament that was created by the fear-based information sources, themselves. If we had not exposed ourselves to this toxic information, there would be no problem. The fear-based information is the virus, and the source of our enslavement and misery.

I have unfollowed anyone who has spread stories of doom and gloom. Facebook is impossible. I will avoid all news. I will avoid all entertainment where masks are worn (which pulls us back down into the memory of this insanity). I will turn off all content that causes fear or low energy. If they want my attention, they will need to be honest and transparent.

Is this living in an illusion? No, the opposite. The real world is the one of love, nature, beauty, creativity, openness, and freedom. For thousands of years, they have created false idols designed to steal reality from us by causing stress and fear. While their methods vary, one truth remains: the fear-based manipulators only have power if we agree to give them our attention.

In reality, you are invulnerable and eternal. Let go of any content or ideas that pull you away from joy. Your joy is your natural state, your strength, and the ultimate realization of you and your potential. All answers, all solutions, all reality is found in the light. You know you are embracing the light when you feel uplifted, when you are smiling and laughing, when you are yourself, when you are unafraid of tomorrow or what anybody might think of you. Rise up, and do not give in to the darkness of fear. Delete the fear wherever it exists. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.