Bring consciousness to the inner-body
Loneliness is the suffering of our time. (Thich Nhat Hahn)

You are beyond the stories, illusions, and dreams of the mind

So what, right? This sounds unexciting and not quite true. Why? Because the mind believes that what goes on inside of it, is what you are. This is ego. Teaching the opposite is highly unpopular because it offends the ego and even threatens its dominance over you.

The mind wants to move on to other things. Any distraction that asks everything of you while offering nothing in return will do. Insane, yes, but normal.

What I'm trying to share is probably the most unpopular material in the world. Today’s world is completely ego-driven, so what is popular in this world is what is popular to the ego. Just one problem: the ego, and our unexamined adherence to its insanity, is the root of all problems.

If it were possible to make spiritual awareness popular, it would only become a religion and would lose most of its original meaning. If experts would agree, it would only become a profit-driven business. If the ego could handle it, it wouldn't be true.

I'd rather stick to truth, which can only be preserved, cultivated, and shared by the most intelligent people; those who are open-minded enough to embrace even that which is unpopular...those who are then brave enough to put it into their own words and share. We continue to awaken to the dimension beyond ego tomorrow and each day after that.


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