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Why Indie / Alternative isn’t cool anymore

When I lived in Seattle (2000 – 2005), I was a huge fan of indie. Non-mainstream music by obscure bands was obviously better than the radio / MTV. Independent films were interesting and exciting. Despite being a married guy working in business, I did my best to take part in the hipster scene. I went to the concerts, the clubs, and at times even dressed the part. The pic is from 2001 (you should have seen my shoes).


Why was I attracted to Indie / Alternative? Because it was all about breaking free from the norm, challenging the mainstream narrative in the corporate media, you know…sticking it to the man! That’s why it was all so cool! Hipsters / indie fans saw themselves as open-minded, edgy, and smarter than regular people. Our tastes were superior across the board (or so we thought).

When the Coronavirus “pandemic” hit, whatever “indie cool” that remained instantly evaporated. There was no questioning the mainstream narrative (not even a little). Instantly, all the oh-so-cool indie musicians, DJ’s, podcasters, and everyone fell into line. All the prominent “hipsters” lectured us to stay at home. Wear masks. No more concerts or events. In a flash, the entire movement was shattered by fake news headlines and fear of catching a cold.

When I look back on it, I realize Indie / Alternative was never very cool. The people were snobs. Judgmental jerks. Self-absorbed. Fake intellectuals. Wanna-be rebels. It was only ever about image. Much of the music was unlistenable, many of the movie narratives shallow and pointless.

Music should be beautiful. Movies should be inspiring and uplifting. People should be nice. A real movement would be one based on real values such as love, true freedom, truth and honesty. Indie / Alternative is still better than the purely Satanic, ugly shit we see in the mainstream—but not much better. Time for a total refresh, which is coming, and not a moment too soon.

Posted by Abscondo

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