If you don’t build your relationship on the truth, sooner or later it will crumble. (Thich Nhat Hanh)
The mask is about to be torn off

When choosing the way of love and truth, the price is never too high

There are many portals to spiritual awakening. Some reach this state through the experience of unconditional love or the recognition of self-love. Others through present moment awareness or a religious experience. Others find it after the ego has been destroyed in crisis. Many people reach this state, but then lose it as they retreat back into the normal routines.

For your awakening to be ongoing requires that all decision-making, all communicating, and everything you do is wholly loving and perfectly honest. This sounds nice and easy (and would be in a different world).

This world is designed to punish us for this, which is why spiritual awakening is so rare. Awakening requires that we face the seeming abyss of punishment and consequence. This comes in the form of unjust threats from a corrupted government, healthcare system, or media. We also must face shunning from our friends. Too often, there is a need to find another profession or even face the painful end of a marriage.  When faced with these difficult choices, most people compromise.

But to compromise at all on the principles of unconditional love and total honesty / truth is to choose against your awakening—to be defeated by a world designed to domesticate and enslave you.

Any decision against awakening—any choice against love and truth—is a choice against everything you want: beauty, safety, true love, intimacy and so much more. What you want can only be found in love and truth (and cannot be experienced without it). When you trade freedom for a bit of temporary security, it only extends the problems of this world and in your life indefinitely.

For your life to change, and for the world to change, we need only commit to unconditional love and perfect honesty (and wanting truth) always. To do so is to realize that all the consequences you feared are only natural adjustments—the removal of all problems so that the light of true reality can shine. The adjustments are caused not by your decision for awakening; rather, by all the mistakes you made before this decision. It is a simple choice to invest more energy into a mess or to go on a wild ride that ultimately leads to perfect joy.

One important point: it isn’t your job to control these changes or to make any decisions about them. It is your job to love unconditionally and commit to perfect honesty; allowing whatever happens to happen because it must happen. When you don’t interfere in any outcome, and present yourself perfectly authentically, you may be surprised to find out that your worst fears never materialize at all (or, if they do, you are glad in the end). This is faith. We continue tomorrow, and each day after that.


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