How to respond to a person who believes the official narrative (February 10th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #99)
What conditions are necessary before people are ready to awaken or change? (part 2 of 2)

We do not trust, nor do we believe the mainstream media, nor the government, nor the healthcare system. (part 1 of 2)

This is a statement far more powerful than anyone seems to realize. The state of this world—the global sickness and darkness human society has been plunged into by these very institutions—will never change until most people come to a point where we can say these words openly, repeatedly, and without shame.

The lesson to be learned in this past year cannot be that we should wait for any institution to save us. Our trust and belief in false authority, and in self-serving institutions, is the problem—the reason we tragically sacrificed our liberty and our human rights. There can be no justification for this. Basic freedom and liberty are non-negotiable. This is a moral truth and the core human right.

Now, as we look at this mess, the burden is not upon the people to scientifically or empirically prove anything about what is happening in the world. Instead, the burden is on the institutions to earn our trust and faith. Instead, they continue to openly undermine freedom, harm our health, bankrupt our businesses—destroying our livelihoods, our countries, and our relationships with no end in sight.

When false authority fails or becomes destructive, the people need only state that we no longer trust or believe them. This is how we remove their power and create space for healing, for truth, for beauty, love, and abundance. Their propaganda and lies only have power when we pay attention, when we agree, when we repeat it, and when we comply.

This decision whether to trust a liar and believe in an abuser is entirely yours and mine. The decision about whether to remain silent or speak out…whether to comply with orders that are dangerous and wrong or to ignore them…whether to endanger our health or to trust nature instead…these are our self-evident, God-given rights, responsibilities, and duties.

From the perspective of anyone paying any attention over these past decades, these institutions (and others) have failed to earn our trust and respect. We have been made to feel as though it is naïve or childish to make such a statement. We have been called conspiracy theorists, been laughed at, and have been made fools of because some of the theories are, indeed, absurd. But, in the end, the burden is not on us to prove anything or to convince anyone of anything; rather, to make that personal decision about whether or not to trust or believe.

Obviously, the irrational or illogical conspiracy theorists (they do exist) do not speak for all truth-tellers. We all get it wrong from time to time…which teaches us the necessary lesson of humility. When I am wrong about something, I can admit it, humble myself, and change my opinion without shame. Truth-seeking is a process and, at times, it gets confusing.

But there is one thing I am not wrong about, and I know it with all my heart and mind: right now, I do not trust or believe in these institutions. Too much is too insane, and it is only getting worse. This, I believe, is by design—and I will write about this in part two of this post.

I don’t believe these institutions, nor the people who participate in them, nor the people who repeat their misinformation. When I encounter it, I can easy state that I don’t trust it or believe it; nothing more. Herein lies our power. Only when more of us do the same, when the majority makes this simple statement openly, will it be possible for the world to change. Until then, it will get darker and darker. Understand why by reading part two.

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