When choosing the way of love and truth, the price is never too high

The mask is about to be torn off


For 1,000s of years, humanity has accepted the unacceptable. We were told it was human nature, but there is nothing natural about it. Violence, deception, domination of the many by the very few.

And what kind of people would do such a thing? Was there not a point at which their material wealth, comfort, and fame was enough? Could they not have respected us, allowed us freedom and the pursuit of happiness? What is this sickness that has gradually overtaken the world until it became so impossible that decent people finally fought back?

It is only a matter of days or weeks before the mask is torn off. When it is, the answers will be revealed with perfect clarity. When we are shown the unspeakably ugly truth, we will recognize that the problems of the world are not a result of human nature. We will know because we will not recognize ourselves in these ruthless, dark, corrupting forces that have been in control. We will see that we are good and loveable. We will realize that our confusion was painstakingly taught to us through the insane thought system of ego.

Abundance will emerge in all areas of our lives. There will be a new recognition of beauty and truth. Stress and fear will be forgotten. Our hearts and minds will open. Each moment, we will be grateful to be alive now, just as we wonder how we could have ever accepted things as they were before.

This is the Great Awakening. We undertake it now, tomorrow, and each day after that.

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Posted by Abscondo