Our real power is derived from our perfect love and honesty
It takes an extreme spiritual practice only to achieve a somewhat sane and balanced life.

Suffering is the inevitable outcome of seeking happiness where it cannot be found

The world cannot tell you who you are, nor can it make you happy. The external world doesn’t have that power. You do.

Everything we most deeply desire originates from within. Our deepest desires are beyond form: love, wholeness, fulfillment, health, freedom, happiness, fun, and so on. Our minds are always trying to figure out what, in the external world, will satisfy these inner desires. In so doing, the mind is leading you astray because it is confused about the source of those needs and desires.

The treasure that appears to be lacking is, in fact, constantly present in unlimited abundance within. It’s just that the conditioned (by the world), unobserved (by you) mind gets so wrapped up in the external world of form that we forget to look within.

The choice is simple: either 1) rely on the mind's plans to forever seek but never find, or 2) see beyond the mind and senses to exist in heaven, now and forever. Through a daily spiritual practice, the treasure is yours to enjoy. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Posted by Abscondo

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