A decision is a conclusion based on everything you believe. It is the outcome of belief. (A Course in Miracles)
A decentralized economy for the awakened world (Feb. 25th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #100)

Purification is the decision to align your beliefs with higher truths

It is a choice to disassociate from the ego. A decision to value the miracle of the now, to practice non-resistance to what is, and to always respond to everyone and everything lovingly.

Higher truth is grasped in the form of various concepts and words, yet it is one whole. If you understand one piece of it (e.g., forgiveness), you have accessed the whole. This whole is nothing other than perfect knowledge, and perfect knowledge is superior to mere perception. It is also far superior to so-called rationality (which does not even exist).

Higher truth includes some of the following spiritual beliefs:

  • I believe that I am not my mind; rather, that my true identity is formless consciousness (or awareness, love, presence‚Ķthese are all different words that mean the same thing and the words do not matter).
  • I do not believe in the reality of fear because I know that I am eternally invulnerable beyond form.
  • I believe that I am perfectly complete now, in this eternal, ongoing present moment, and am waiting for no future destination of salvation or heaven. The entire reality exists now and there is no other time than now.
  • I believe that the thought system of love is perfect and wholly true. Sin is where love is not. Anything done in love is done correctly. One need only learn what love truly is and what love truly does. There are books about it. I wrote a free eBook that you may enjoy on this topic, and it is called Belove: How to End Pain by Escaping Your Ego.
  • As love, we believe not in manipulation or attack; rather, in the thought system that is effortlessly giving, creating, accepting, open, free, fearless, joyful, blissful, and capable of solving every problem because the only problem is lack of love.

Purified, we feel the perfect energy flow from within and life is instantly and constantly perfect. From this true belief system, our decisions are very different. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.