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The mask is about to be torn off


For 1,000s of years, humanity has accepted the unacceptable. We were told it was human nature, but there is nothing natural about it. Violence, deception, domination of the many by the very few.

And what kind of people would do such a thing? Was there not a point at which their material wealth, comfort, and fame was enough? Could they not have respected us, allowed us freedom and the pursuit of happiness? What is this sickness that has gradually overtaken the world until it became so impossible that decent people finally fought back?

It is only a matter of days or weeks before the mask is torn off. When it is, the answers will be revealed with perfect clarity. When we are shown the unspeakably ugly truth, we will recognize that the problems of the world are not a result of human nature. We will know because we will not recognize ourselves in these ruthless, dark, corrupting forces that have been in control. We will see that we are good and loveable. We will realize that our confusion was painstakingly taught to us through the insane thought system of ego.

Abundance will emerge in all areas of our lives. There will be a new recognition of beauty and truth. Stress and fear will be forgotten. Our hearts and minds will open. Each moment, we will be grateful to be alive now, just as we wonder how we could have ever accepted things as they were before.

This is the Great Awakening. We undertake it now, tomorrow, and each day after that.

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When choosing the way of love and truth, the price is never too high

There are many portals to spiritual awakening. Some reach this state through the experience of unconditional love or the recognition of self-love. Others through present moment awareness or a religious experience. Others find it after the ego has been destroyed in crisis. Many people reach this state, but then lose it as they retreat back into the normal routines.

For your awakening to be ongoing requires that all decision-making, all communicating, and everything you do is wholly loving and perfectly honest. This sounds nice and easy (and would be in a different world).

This world is designed to punish us for this, which is why spiritual awakening is so rare. Awakening requires that we face the seeming abyss of punishment and consequence. This comes in the form of unjust threats from a corrupted government, healthcare system, or media. We also must face shunning from our friends. Too often, there is a need to find another profession or even face the painful end of a marriage.  When faced with these difficult choices, most people compromise.

But to compromise at all on the principles of unconditional love and total honesty / truth is to choose against your awakening—to be defeated by a world designed to domesticate and enslave you.

Any decision against awakening—any choice against love and truth—is a choice against everything you want: beauty, safety, true love, intimacy and so much more. What you want can only be found in love and truth (and cannot be experienced without it). When you trade freedom for a bit of temporary security, it only extends the problems of this world and in your life indefinitely.

For your life to change, and for the world to change, we need only commit to unconditional love and perfect honesty (and wanting truth) always. To do so is to realize that all the consequences you feared are only natural adjustments—the removal of all problems so that the light of true reality can shine. The adjustments are caused not by your decision for awakening; rather, by all the mistakes you made before this decision. It is a simple choice to invest more energy into a mess or to go on a wild ride that ultimately leads to perfect joy.

One important point: it isn’t your job to control these changes or to make any decisions about them. It is your job to love unconditionally and commit to perfect honesty; allowing whatever happens to happen because it must happen. When you don’t interfere in any outcome, and present yourself perfectly authentically, you may be surprised to find out that your worst fears never materialize at all (or, if they do, you are glad in the end). This is faith. We continue tomorrow, and each day after that.


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If you don’t build your relationship on the truth, sooner or later it will crumble. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

So often, truth is withheld in relationships with the best of intentions. We want to avoid making the person we love feel uncomfortable or upset. We present a “better” version of ourselves to be loved more and to make the relationship stronger. Despite how normal and well-intentioned this is, it is also the way that relationships are poisoned.

The first thing that happens is that the person withholding or twisting the truth feels afraid of being discovered. You also feel isolated, misunderstood, and distant. Now there are problems and unmet needs that the person you love cannot help you with because he or she is unaware. Not saying how you feel or what you mean—expecting the other person to guess—leads to friction and resentment.

What about the other person? If you are afraid to be honest in your relationship, you probably don’t encourage it or welcome it from your partner. So both of you feel the same low-level, ongoing suffering. Besides, it is exhausting to fake anything, especially at home. Acting is work and nobody can be happy without breaks from work.

We learn about relationships from the world of entertainment, where characters are always trying to manipulate reality. This is what all movies are about. If there were a movie about two people who were perfectly open and honest always, there would be no plot, no intrigue, no drama, no crisis to deal with. This movie has never been made, but this sort of life is possible and fully desirable.

What most people do not know until it is too late, is that the truth always eventually comes out. You can go on for years getting away with something, playing a role, pretending. But reality is designed in such a way that everything will be known. When it is, you will face crisis and everything you built on that foundation of shifting sand will crumble.

Even if it may seem difficult at first, if there are risks involved in speaking your truth, every relationship must be built on truth and openness to be joyful and eternal. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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What conditions are necessary before people are ready to awaken or change? (part 2 of 2)

(Continuation from part 1)

“Only at the precipice will people find the will [strength] to change and break the system of control [be free].”
“Only then, at the precipice, will people find the will to change [to participate].”

My spiritual salvation, my awakening, came at the darkest moment. My life was falling apart, I was losing everything, and I could no longer bear the suffering. We do not fully embrace fundamental transformation until we are at the precipice—the cliff, the end of the road, the moment of apparent destruction. Then, if we humble ourselves completely and make one simple choice, all the problems vanish forever.

I have seen overwhelming evidence that there are coordinated forces in the world who are on the verge of rolling out wonderful changes that are so significant, so transformative, so beautiful and good. This will be a dramatically different world from what we are used to. To make this transformation, all must be ready and willing to look at the full truth and see the unspeakable evil and ugliness that has been happening in the world for a very long time.

Certain thought patterns—such as ego, blind trust in authority, commercialism, superficiality, attack, and violence—must be unlearned. For anything fundamental to change, humanity must awaken. This can only occur after things seem so wrong, so dark, so hopeless—only then do we switch over to the awakened state.

In the awakened state, we recognize that it is all an illusion. False authority has no power. We don’t believe in or trust the government, the mainstream media, or the healthcare system. We do not comply to their orders or fear their false information. We know that it is a show, and the reason for this show is to teach this very lesson.

When the lesson has been learned by enough people, the good guys can move forward, we can remove the cancer, and the truth about us—our goodness, our beauty, our love, our creativity, our kindness—can reign. For the first time ever, society will be ruled by fairness, goodness, and we will live in total abundance of everything that has any value.

Those who have already awakened are already okay. We are unafraid and do not agree to what is wrong. We know that it is only a matter of time and we are doing our best to help others come along. All is as it must be. There can be no other way.

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We do not trust, nor do we believe the mainstream media, nor the government, nor the healthcare system. (part 1 of 2)

This is a statement far more powerful than anyone seems to realize. The state of this world—the global sickness and darkness human society has been plunged into by these very institutions—will never change until most people come to a point where we can say these words openly, repeatedly, and without shame.

The lesson to be learned in this past year cannot be that we should wait for any institution to save us. Our trust and belief in false authority, and in self-serving institutions, is the problem—the reason we tragically sacrificed our liberty and our human rights. There can be no justification for this. Basic freedom and liberty are non-negotiable. This is a moral truth and the core human right.

Now, as we look at this mess, the burden is not upon the people to scientifically or empirically prove anything about what is happening in the world. Instead, the burden is on the institutions to earn our trust and faith. Instead, they continue to openly undermine freedom, harm our health, bankrupt our businesses—destroying our livelihoods, our countries, and our relationships with no end in sight.

When false authority fails or becomes destructive, the people need only state that we no longer trust or believe them. This is how we remove their power and create space for healing, for truth, for beauty, love, and abundance. Their propaganda and lies only have power when we pay attention, when we agree, when we repeat it, and when we comply.

This decision whether to trust a liar and believe in an abuser is entirely yours and mine. The decision about whether to remain silent or speak out…whether to comply with orders that are dangerous and wrong or to ignore them…whether to endanger our health or to trust nature instead…these are our self-evident, God-given rights, responsibilities, and duties.

From the perspective of anyone paying any attention over these past decades, these institutions (and others) have failed to earn our trust and respect. We have been made to feel as though it is naïve or childish to make such a statement. We have been called conspiracy theorists, been laughed at, and have been made fools of because some of the theories are, indeed, absurd. But, in the end, the burden is not on us to prove anything or to convince anyone of anything; rather, to make that personal decision about whether or not to trust or believe.

Obviously, the irrational or illogical conspiracy theorists (they do exist) do not speak for all truth-tellers. We all get it wrong from time to time…which teaches us the necessary lesson of humility. When I am wrong about something, I can admit it, humble myself, and change my opinion without shame. Truth-seeking is a process and, at times, it gets confusing.

But there is one thing I am not wrong about, and I know it with all my heart and mind: right now, I do not trust or believe in these institutions. Too much is too insane, and it is only getting worse. This, I believe, is by design—and I will write about this in part two of this post.

I don’t believe these institutions, nor the people who participate in them, nor the people who repeat their misinformation. When I encounter it, I can easy state that I don’t trust it or believe it; nothing more. Herein lies our power. Only when more of us do the same, when the majority makes this simple statement openly, will it be possible for the world to change. Until then, it will get darker and darker. Understand why by reading part two.

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How to respond to a person who believes the official narrative (February 10th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #99)

When it comes to talking with friends and family, making your case on social media, I've found an approach that works every time. Enjoy today's short podcast.

Or listen to the mp3 version here:

Abscondo Podcast 99

Or you can find the Abscondo Podcast wherever you normally listen to podcasts.

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This darkness cannot go on forever because the pendulum always swings back to the opposite direction

Imagine you are looking at a pendulum in its resting position. Pulled by gravity, it hangs straight down. Say you decide that it should be moved to the right, so you pull it. You cannot hold it there forever, and eventually let go. Now it swings directly to the opposite direction and then goes back and forth for a while. If left alone, it ultimately settles right back into its natural position. Your interference had no lasting effect.

The same is true about splashing water in a lake to make waves. Eventually the waves settle, and your splash had no lasting impact. All doing that is directed at an intended result is powerless in eternity. Our attempts to change people or to change the world will only bring about wild swings, waves, and meaningless dramas with no predictable outcome or lasting impact.

When governments pass laws to change our behavior, the people obey for a while then eventually do the opposite. The same is true when we try to change our partners, our friends, or children. Sadly, we never quite reach the resting position because there are always more foolish attempts to interfere.

The Tao Te Ching teaches us not only about God—the unmanifested from which all things are born and to which all things return. It also teaches us about harmony and balance. Wisdom means letting things be and accepting what is because we know that it is not possible for us to change anything anyway. If we were to live in a world where nobody tried to manipulate and control, where no government or institution interferes with anyone’s freedom, then we would live in truth. All would be right and real—in the resting position.

Thousands of years of constant interference. Where has it gotten us? We possess no true power to change nature’s perfect balance. We are as we are, and it is as it is. Let it be, and allow doing to flow from inspiration rather than an ambition to change anything. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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Loneliness is the suffering of our time. (Thich Nhat Hahn)

Until we learn to love completely and really communicate, there can be no relief from loneliness. No amount of shallow interactions and no new forms of technology will help. We can meetup, hangout, engage with social media—we can even get married and start a family—still many people feel misunderstood, not accepted, empty, isolated, and alone. All the while, we deeply crave true connection.

This is just how the ego likes it. Separation is the foundation of the ego’s belief system and a necessary requirement for keeping the ego firmly intact. The unease of loneliness provides a justification for suffering while driving us to look to the future for gratification and to hold onto past grievances. We loath ourselves for our inability to fit-in, we blame others by judging and labeling them as somehow wrong—all because of ego (which works the same way for everyone). Ego—the violently-imposed thought system of the world designed to enslave us—is an illness that feeds on our misery, asks for endless sacrifice, while falsely promising happiness someday.

If, by some fluke, we might experience only a tiny glimpse into the bliss of union, true intimacy, or unconditional love with no boundaries...only then do we forget about the past, care less about the future, and look past flaws in ourselves and in others. True union is possible, but only in the absence of ego.

Lasting, blissful union remains only a dream—or, at best, a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience for most people. Unless you learn to escape the ego and find someone else who is also willing to unlearn the conditioning and domestication that has been done to us by the world. It is a simple decision, available at any moment we decide that the suffering is no longer acceptable. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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You are beyond the stories, illusions, and dreams of the mind

So what, right? This sounds unexciting and not quite true. Why? Because the mind believes that what goes on inside of it, is what you are. This is ego. Teaching the opposite is highly unpopular because it offends the ego and even threatens its dominance over you.

The mind wants to move on to other things. Any distraction that asks everything of you while offering nothing in return will do. Insane, yes, but normal.

What I'm trying to share is probably the most unpopular material in the world. Today’s world is completely ego-driven, so what is popular in this world is what is popular to the ego. Just one problem: the ego, and our unexamined adherence to its insanity, is the root of all problems.

If it were possible to make spiritual awareness popular, it would only become a religion and would lose most of its original meaning. If experts would agree, it would only become a profit-driven business. If the ego could handle it, it wouldn't be true.

I'd rather stick to truth, which can only be preserved, cultivated, and shared by the most intelligent people; those who are open-minded enough to embrace even that which is unpopular...those who are then brave enough to put it into their own words and share. We continue to awaken to the dimension beyond ego tomorrow and each day after that.


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Bring consciousness to the inner-body

When we shift our awareness away from the mind and toward the inner-body, extraordinary physical changes occur. The immune system becomes strong enough to prevent illness. The aging process dramatically slows. We feel good, look good, and our bodies function optimally even into old age.

Life in the egoic state, on the other hand, means to gradually become physically ill, overweight, old in appearance, and grumpier. This is where the ego leads you, no matter its false promises of future happiness and salvation.

The normal functioning of the ego will slowly destroy anyone by overwhelming us with fear and conflict. As time goes by, the unobserved mind becomes increasingly tortured. While we are young, this isn’t much of a problem. Continue down this path, and every normal person eventually succumbs to the damage done by the ego and must either recognize its empty promises or continue the slide toward more misery.

The ego generates so many tortured thoughts that are never released. Instead, they are fed into the body to create negative emotions. Those negative emotions then influence the mind, creating a negative feedback loop. Meanwhile, ego's solution to suffering is to hope for the future for salvation. If only this would change or that could happen. Always waiting for the future, the destination never arrives (or if it does, you miss it).

The good news is that, with an open heart and mind, salvation is possible. The ego, of course, finds these words offensive and ridiculous. It demands proof. I, on the other hand, demand proof that the ego offers anything of value…that stress and fear is anything but insanity…that any form of attack has ever resulted in love, peace, health, happiness, youthfulness, bliss or anything we most deeply desire. Ego is the only real problem.

There is way to live that is in alignment with reality. At any moment, we can simply decide against the ego to instantly undo unnecessary suffering. If you need evidence, try it for yourself. Let go of thoughts. Don't follow a stream of thought. Let it go. Bring your attention to the inner body. Observe, accept, release whatever feelings you find there. Begin a daily meditation and spiritual practice to continue in this state of connectedness to the new, to reality, to life, itself. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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