Life is experienced beyond the mind
A decision is a conclusion based on everything you believe. It is the outcome of belief. (A Course in Miracles)

Only you can give yourself permission to be that amazing, wonderful version of you

What is it that prevents you from being that fun, joyful, inspired version of you? How long has it been since you had that feeling of excitement inside? Since you allowed yourself to dream? Since you lived a dream or experienced a fantasy?

The only reason we fall short of being the best possible version of ourselves is that we give power to external voices and forces. We are made afraid by the media, the financial system, and the healthcare system. We are falsely made into criminals by a corrupt government. We are made to feel guilty by environmentalists, social justice advocates, and others. We are forced to conform and act normal at work and at school.

In our personal lives, our romantic partners, family, and friends want us to say, do, and be as they say. The lesson is always that we are wrong, we are flawed, we are not enough of this or too much of that.

When you give these external voices power, then you doubt, ignore, and even lose your inner voice. Your inner voice is your compass. Most people are lost because they believe that their own compass is bad. When you lose faith in your inner voice, you become confused, withdrawn, cynical, sarcastic, angry, fearful, stress out, and life becomes a miserable experience.

No one is ever going to give you permission to follow your inner compass. Only you have that power. So what are you good at? What is beautiful about who you are or what you create? What interesting perspectives have you learned through your unique life experiences? What unique skills have you acquired? What excites you? When were you most happy? What do you dream of? Do you remember that you are innocent, that you are good and lovable? This is your truth. Own it and live it.

I go by the name “Abscondo” because, to me, to abscond means to withdraw my faith and attention from the harmful external voices, from the lost and lonely people. It means to ignore all the times I have been disappointed by lack of love in people. It means to go within and to connect with the real me—the one who loves purely, creates beautiful music, creates value through my work, does everything I have ever felt inspired to do, and who is completely open, transparent, and honest about everything.

Here I feel wonderful and life is amazing. Here I am complete, joyful, and am as enthusiastic as a child—no matter what any of the external voices are saying. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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