The mask is about to be torn off
Lack of love in this world is the only problem


Something about being human is this fundamental hunger and drive toward exploration. Life without newness feels dull and monotonous. Newness brings a subtle sense of aliveness, excitement, and passion to the present moment.

Doing is knowing. To know, we must do what excites us—going all the way into wherever it leads, yet without clinging to any of it. We are free to experience it, free to think it, free to say it, free to keep it or let it go. We can embrace new perspectives, new friendships, new music, new routines, new situations, new challenges, new places, new possibilities, new recipes, new things.

Thoughts, rules, or emotions limiting freedom are unnecessary obstacles preventing us from doing what we are here to do. We declare ourselves free and set each other free. We approach the present moment with an open mind, a heart that is alive, and a “yes” always on the tip of our tongues.

Here we are alive in passion, truth, and beauty—but only as long as we remain within the thought system of love. Think and act freely but without love and experience suffering and crisis until you learn the whole lesson. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


Posted by Abscondo

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