Suffering is the inevitable outcome of seeking happiness where it cannot be found
Truth does not need our defense and is unaffected by our opinions

It takes an extreme spiritual practice only to achieve a somewhat sane and balanced life.

The best spiritual teachings are those that, at first sight, appear to go too far. But it is only by attempting to go too far that we stand any chance of achieving even a healthy balance.

If your lofty intention is to completely undo ego, in practice you will merely be able to recognize the ego and no longer take it seriously.

If your intention is to practice unconditional love and total honesty always, you will merely be left with relationships which are no longer abusive.

If your intention is to eliminate all fear, you will merely be able to sleep at night and to go about your day without any panic, destructive behavior or illness. Fear thoughts may creep up from time to time, but you recognize the insanity.

If your intention is to see all material form as unreal and meaningless, you will merely become mildly aware of the formless dimension of truth, God, love, and eternal peace within.

If your intention is to live fully in the present moment, you will merely bring about more enjoyment to yourself and others as you go about your day. Of course you will still have thoughts about past and future, but you will no longer seek salvation there.

Spirituality isn't about being perfect. Yet we must go all the way because there is no middle ground between truth and lies, between love and fear, and between being awake or asleep. Awakened, the challenges of the world are entirely manageable (even enjoyable) and life is in balance. But you do need to intend, with all your heart, to go all the way or you will remain under the insane, confused control of ego.

The decision to destroy ego, to no longer want it at all and to want love in its place, is the only decision that needs to be made. From there, it is necessary to read, listen to audiobooks, talks, touch this stuff every day for at least a short while.

While these teachings may seem lofty or impractical, I can assure you that they are as practical as they are true. If you can be love in all you think and do, you risk nothing real while gaining everything. We continue tomorrow and each day after that.


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