Who can we trust?
This is what is happening in the world now

Why censorship is a failed strategy

If there were a pandemic, it would be self-evident. There would be more deaths than normal. You wouldn't need to censor everyone who disagrees because it would be true.

If Biden won the election fairly, you wouldn't have to cover up all the detailed evidence and the countless number of people talking about what really happened. You would just let everyone see the real ballots.

The truth they are censoring is now self-evident, and the proof is in the act of censorship.

We don't need to argue that these people are against freedom, against free speech, manipulators, abusers, gas-lighters, dishonest and rotten to the core. The rottenness is self-evident to every single person who simply sees what they are actually doing.

The simple reality is that honesty, truth, beauty, human dignity, fairness, kindness and love are good.

The people we used to trust are doing very bad things. Am I to be banned for saying that goodness is still good? Fine. It will only prove to everyone what I am saying. Truth and goodness have already won and it is already self-evident to all.


Posted by Abscondo

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