How to achieve honesty in a relationship?
Why censorship is a failed strategy

Who can we trust?

What can be done when the corruption runs so deep that the system can no longer police itself?

What if the healthcare institutions and pharma companies are making us sick rather than better?

What if the news media is confusing us with only lies rather than informing us?

What if the government is destroying our livelihood and mental health rather than keeping us safe and secure?

What if school is teaching us to mindlessly submit rather than to serve and create value?

What happens to the value of money when some individuals get to print as much as they want?

What happens to the law when the people making it and enforcing it are breaking it?

What happens to truth-telling when the few telling it are threatened or killed?

When politicians, celebrities, and persons in a position of authority say and do things that seem insane…is it really insanity or stupidity?

Or are they corrupted and knowingly doing harm?

What do we do to people who knowingly do harm?

What is the correction?

Who is responsible for the correction?

I trust truth. Only the confused human mind is capable of untruth. People who believe that they are their thoughts, their stories, and other mind-stuff are sick. Reality has taught me the reality of this error. Every deception is eventually corrected through a process of escalating suffering and then crisis. Nobody gets away with anything.

We are not our minds. We are consciousness, which is awareness, which is beyond words and concepts. There is an energy of life, a force of life itself. The best word we have for it is “love”, or maybe “God”. That which opposes life, opposes freedom, and opposes truth has been called evil, the devil, or the ego.

To have faith is to trust yourself, which is only possible when you know yourself as consciousness. Faith in God is faith in truth, faith in love, faith in beauty, faith in nature and all that which cannot deceive. These are only different words that mean the same thing. But our faith cannot be in words and concepts because that is the realm of human deception.

The Great Awakening makes corruption impossible. We know the reality of crime, of deceit, of manipulation, and of lies. We will not be lured by the false promises, will run from our own corruption, and will not stand silently by which we watch others make this tragic error. We will speak the truth, will serve others in freedom, will create true value, will make real investments, and through perfect love we will experience abundance in every area of life. Welcome to a new era!


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