Wanting only the truth
How to achieve honesty in a relationship?

What is required for true success?

"The unobserved mind isn’t as rational as you may believe. It makes panicked decisions all the time to avoid negative emotions." -quote from The Switch (free eBook)

Failure is caused by hiding from reality, not wanting to deal with it, wishful thinking, and other strategies of separation and avoidance. This is what the ego—or the unobserved mind—does.

Spiritual awakening is the beginning of true success. Aware of your thoughts and emotions from the perspective of consciousness (beyond the mind), now you can calmly, wisely, lovingly put your attention on what needs it and address any challenges.

When you destroy the ego and become aware of yourself as the energy and thought system of love, you recognize that you are safe in eternity. In this state, fear vanishes.

Now you can look at reality without the strong emotional reactions. You can calmly solve business problems, take calculated risks, work through financial strategies, and fix relationship problems.

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