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The world was made that problems could not be escaped. (A Course in Miracles)

The end of all the world’s roads is the same. “Their end is certain, for there is no choice among them. All of them will lead to death.” A Course in Miracles continues, “there is no choice where every end is sure.”

“Men have died on seeing this, because they saw no way except the pathways offered by the world. And learning they led nowhere, lost their hope. And yet this was the time they could have learned their greatest lesson. All must reach this point, and go beyond it.”

“No longer look for hope where there is none. Make fast your learning now.” “For from this lowest point will learning lead to heights of happiness, in which you see the purpose of the lesson shining clear, and perfectly within your learning grasp.” -All quotes from A Course in Miracles

It is perfectly right that we speak the truth, do what’s right in this world, and hope for happenings that alleviate suffering and bring justice. We can seek loving, beautiful relationships. We can achieve great things, raise wonderful families, and experience every adventure life has to offer. But none of this is salvation.

The Great Awakening is not to be brought about by any political or military action. It is what happens when we learn this most important lesson…when we stop looking to the future…when we discover God’s love within…when we align with Love in all thinking and doing. This escaping of ego and embracing of reality is the lesson. You are complete, in love, in truth, in perfection, now—no matter external events.


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If you fail to see beyond appearances you are deceived. (A Course in Miracles)

“Reality is changeless”, states A Course in Miracles. “For everything you see will change, and yet you thought it real before, and now you think it real again. Reality is thus reduced to form, and capable of change. Reality is changeless. It is this that makes it real, and keeps it separate from all appearances. It must transcend all form to be itself. It cannot change.”

This is a concept of “reality” whereby what is real must be eternal and beyond threat. You are real, right? So am I. But what about us is real, if not the parts that change, grow old, and eventually die? The answer is expressed by many words, but it is this: consciousness, spirit, the soul, or awareness, itself.

To recognize yourself as consciousness is to realize that you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You are temporarily inhabiting a body and mind, but you are not a body and mind. This dimension, where we live now, provides the illusion that we are separate from the greater body of consciousness. What is this experience of life for? So that consciousness can do something and learn. What we each learn in life is experienced by, and absorbed into, the totality of consciousness.

Consciousness is always creating. It is the source. As consciousness, you were given a mind. The purpose of this mind is to create. Every thought is an act of creation—some beautiful and some ugly, but all creation. The purpose of the body is to provide feedback to the mind through feelings and emotions which result from what you create. Create something true—from the energy of love and inspiration—and feel good. Create something false—from the ego—and suffer.

To know reality in this way is to have awakened. There is nothing to fear because you, as consciousness, are beyond threat. There is no reason to suffer because you recognize the causes of suffering as miscreations of the mind. Knowledge is very simple, though confusion is very complex.

Copy of If you fail to see beyond appearances you are deceived.

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The fundamental problem is that we have been unwilling to look at the truth: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I was spiritual awakened through the teachings of A Course in Miracles, and people like Eckhart Tolle and Michael Singer. But deep down I questioned their emphasis on being—to the point that doing is seen as almost irrelevant. Isn’t this exactly the kind of passivity that has caused many awakened people to bury their heads in the sand and to care nothing about what is happening in the world?

Many have become so absorbed in their spiritual identity that they are unwilling to consider the full truth—the good, the bad, and the ugly. When good people withdraw attention from ugly truth and do nothing, then evil has the darkness and secrecy it needs to flourish.

Now they are coming for us. Humanity is overtaken by tyranny and we are at the brink of genocide. Even still, most of the so-called spiritually awakened are unwilling to look at the most obvious, self-evident truths.

Organized religion—Christianity in particular—also has its problems. Followers often identify so firmly with the particular words, stories, and rituals that they start to take it as a sort of magic. There is a divine order to how reality works, but it has nothing to do with magic.

The stories of the Bible were meant to teach us wisdom. Many teachings are not literal; rather, to be taken as metaphor. Truth cannot be fully possessed by a religion or fully contained in words and concepts. Words and concepts, at best, can only point us to spiritual truth.

Organized religion is also passive and limiting. Followers wait for heaven or for the rapture, but the future cannot be literally foretold. What is real and true is all here, in this present moment, where everything that has ever happened has always been happening. When has it not been now? If the future is going to be different, it is a result what we are doing now. This now. Here.

To awaken is to take truth-seeking all the way. Find out the truth about everything. Tell it. Do something about it. Mountain-top experiences are beautiful and uplifting, and part of the process of awakening. But we are here on earth to take part in the whole experience.

Now question everything. Because of some very good people who are, right now, freeing the world—everything you thought you knew is about to change. You will be shocked to discover that criminality, anger, and fear is not human nature—just what we have come to see as normal because we have been ruled by people who have been engaged in evil deeds.  Despite what I thought, not every institution is evil—just the ones that have been in control. Behind the scenes, right now, there is one very large institution that is saving us.

Despite what it seems right now, life is not going to suck. But we have to be willing to look at the truth: the good, the bad, and the ugly. This has been the fundamental problem with humanity. Break free from a thought system of fear and separation. Open your heart. Open your mind. Embrace what is here.


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Why censorship is a failed strategy

If there were a pandemic, it would be self-evident. There would be more deaths than normal. You wouldn't need to censor everyone who disagrees because it would be true.

If Biden won the election fairly, you wouldn't have to cover up all the detailed evidence and the countless number of people talking about what really happened. You would just let everyone see the real ballots.

The truth they are censoring is now self-evident, and the proof is in the act of censorship.

We don't need to argue that these people are against freedom, against free speech, manipulators, abusers, gas-lighters, dishonest and rotten to the core. The rottenness is self-evident to every single person who simply sees what they are actually doing.

The simple reality is that honesty, truth, beauty, human dignity, fairness, kindness and love are good.

The people we used to trust are doing very bad things. Am I to be banned for saying that goodness is still good? Fine. It will only prove to everyone what I am saying. Truth and goodness have already won and it is already self-evident to all.


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Who can we trust?

What can be done when the corruption runs so deep that the system can no longer police itself?

What if the healthcare institutions and pharma companies are making us sick rather than better?

What if the news media is confusing us with only lies rather than informing us?

What if the government is destroying our livelihood and mental health rather than keeping us safe and secure?

What if school is teaching us to mindlessly submit rather than to serve and create value?

What happens to the value of money when some individuals get to print as much as they want?

What happens to the law when the people making it and enforcing it are breaking it?

What happens to truth-telling when the few telling it are threatened or killed?

When politicians, celebrities, and persons in a position of authority say and do things that seem insane…is it really insanity or stupidity?

Or are they corrupted and knowingly doing harm?

What do we do to people who knowingly do harm?

What is the correction?

Who is responsible for the correction?

I trust truth. Only the confused human mind is capable of untruth. People who believe that they are their thoughts, their stories, and other mind-stuff are sick. Reality has taught me the reality of this error. Every deception is eventually corrected through a process of escalating suffering and then crisis. Nobody gets away with anything.

We are not our minds. We are consciousness, which is awareness, which is beyond words and concepts. There is an energy of life, a force of life itself. The best word we have for it is “love”, or maybe “God”. That which opposes life, opposes freedom, and opposes truth has been called evil, the devil, or the ego.

To have faith is to trust yourself, which is only possible when you know yourself as consciousness. Faith in God is faith in truth, faith in love, faith in beauty, faith in nature and all that which cannot deceive. These are only different words that mean the same thing. But our faith cannot be in words and concepts because that is the realm of human deception.

The Great Awakening makes corruption impossible. We know the reality of crime, of deceit, of manipulation, and of lies. We will not be lured by the false promises, will run from our own corruption, and will not stand silently by which we watch others make this tragic error. We will speak the truth, will serve others in freedom, will create true value, will make real investments, and through perfect love we will experience abundance in every area of life. Welcome to a new era!


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How to achieve honesty in a relationship?

Yesterday, a friend told me that she is afraid of getting bored in a relationship—ending up being just two strangers living next to each other without emotions. Worse yet, she strongly dislikes dishonesty. She also says that losing trust is what scares her the most and left me with a few questions:

How can you preserve trust?

As I have said and written about repeatedly, you can only trust your partner if you have first offered unconditional love. The mind finds this statement ironic and confusing.  How can I offer unconditional love / acceptance in a situation where, for example, I have been deceived?

Turn this around. What is the cause of deceit? Do we not lie, deceive, or cheat to avoid rules, expectations, and the negative consequence of speaking or living our truth? Would anyone have a reason to deceive if unconditional acceptance and the possibility for total openness was first made real?

It might take some time to create such a relationship—time to know with any degree of certainty that you will not be punished for your truth, some practice learning to tell and live your truth lovingly and sensitively, and you may need to work through any emotions that do exist. But this is what a relationship is and it is fun—particularly if you start from the very beginning, before there is so much codependence and attachment. If there is true love, you can always find a way to love the person truly and to accept exactly who he or she honestly is.

Offer your partner the possibility of unconditional love right from the start and always. Make no rules and set no expectations about anything. When something is said, done, or wanted that causes an emotional challenge, talk openly about it. Give your partner a chance to show he or she loves you, to explain things fully, to help you understand and feel understood. Love will melt away any negative emotions. In the end, you will grow closer. One day, the trust will be so great that you no longer need to go through this process.

Is it possible to regain trust once it has broken?

If there is love, then yes. You can use this same approach. Reveal all your feelings about the situation, reveal how much it hurts, and repeat that there is never a reason to deceive. You want to know what’s going on and will not punish. You want to accept everything. You just want to know the truth. You want the opportunity to love the person for who he or she truly is.

Unconditional love does not mean that you are stuck with an abuser. That would be a condition. It is possible to love the truth about someone, to love their heart and soul, but also come to the recognition that you are not loved in return or that living together isn’t healthy. Unconditional love means that you do not attach your love to a set of rules or conditions and then withdraw love and affection when they are not met. That isn’t love; rather, an arrangement.

The conditional relationship also leads to my friend’s first concern: feeling isolated and bored. This happens when you are forced to hide who you are, or when you force your partner to do the same.

Creating a relationship based on love requires that you drop your pride and humble yourself. Your partner’s needs, habits, and perspectives are not an attack on you. It is about him or here. At the same time, humbling yourself does not mean that you ignore your needs.

By offering unconditional love, which can only happen after you learn self-love, you must also offer yourself the possibility of perfect honesty, openness, and acceptance. If your partner is not interested in unconditional love, acceptance, and openness, then you can be honest anyway and let the relationship run its natural course. Either you are loved for who you are, or you are not loved. Have patience, learn this dance together, and you will create the most beautiful, eternal relationship.


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What is required for true success?

"The unobserved mind isn’t as rational as you may believe. It makes panicked decisions all the time to avoid negative emotions." -quote from The Switch (free eBook)

Failure is caused by hiding from reality, not wanting to deal with it, wishful thinking, and other strategies of separation and avoidance. This is what the ego—or the unobserved mind—does.

Spiritual awakening is the beginning of true success. Aware of your thoughts and emotions from the perspective of consciousness (beyond the mind), now you can calmly, wisely, lovingly put your attention on what needs it and address any challenges.

When you destroy the ego and become aware of yourself as the energy and thought system of love, you recognize that you are safe in eternity. In this state, fear vanishes.

Now you can look at reality without the strong emotional reactions. You can calmly solve business problems, take calculated risks, work through financial strategies, and fix relationship problems.

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Posted by Abscondo