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Fear is the mind’s excuse for insanity

Ironically, our response to fear is often more of a problem than what we are afraid of. Fearful panic leads to bad decisions. Afraid, we suffer from creative paralysis, form abusive relationships, and engage in all sorts of harmful behaviors. Let’s look at the insanity of fear.

Fear pretends to be necessary, pretends to be a rational response, yet the manifestations of fear are insane. A person miserable in isolation is afraid to trust and to fall in love. Another person worries about money, then relieves this stress by going shopping. Others use drugs and alcohol (a real threat to their wellbeing) to escape worried thoughts. To fear health problems is to stress the body and cause illness. In all these examples, it is the response to fear that is the problem rather than the original problem that is perceived.

Fear is the mind’s excuse for all sorts of insanity—its justification for all the decisions and behaviors that cause misery and suffering. Fear is the root of ego, the core emotion that feeds all other negative emotions. The good news is that it can be undone.

It is not necessary to live in fear. Perfect love is the only cure for this disease. If we can think, communicate, act, and respond lovingly each moment, we cannot be attacked or defeated. If this statement is doubted, it is only because you haven't learned about love--what it is and what it does--and put it into practice. If you had, you would know that nothing is more powerful, true, and real than unconditional, perfect love.


How to live in a system you no longer believe in (January 29th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #98)

People are afraid to consider any idea or perspective that might question authority. Why? Because they are scared about what happens after trust in authority is lost. 

But as the official narrative, and every aspect of society, becomes increasingly absurd, this is an abyss which any honest, intelligent person must face. The good news is that life gets better after you accept reality. Enjoy the podcast!

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Abscondo Podcast 98


Why I am not normal (January 27th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #97)


Abscondo Podcast (1)

People are very nasty toward anybody speaking freely these days. So why do we do it? Truth-tellers are probably the least popular people in the world (myself included). But the benefits far outweigh this one drawback.

The prizes for those willing to look beyond conventional wisdom and mainstream institutions are huge. Consider a few examples:

  • Health & Diet: if you eat the corporate food that is advertised (the normal, mainstream diet), you will be obese and sick. The diet tips in the magazines will make you only fatter. Their conventional wisdom is exactly wrong. Also, if you trust the healthcare system and take the prescription medications they peddle, your entire body will be a mess. Eat only real food and you will be perfectly healthy.

  • Work & Financial: conventional wisdom tells us to sacrifice in school, work hard, get a good job, and someday you will have plenty of money and be happy—that it will all be worth it. Not so. Start your own business. Work smarter, not harder. Tell your kids the same and their lives will be a true success. Also, those who are interested in conspiracy theories have a far better understanding of finance. We understand the problem with central banking, we bought cryptocurrency early on, we know when to buy investments and when to sell. Why? Because we have access to information that isn’t in the mainstream.

  • Relationships: normal relationships—between two people who have learned nothing about love and do not know themselves fundamentally—are a disaster. But when two people throw out conventional wisdom, when they speak and want only the truth, when they set each other totally free, then perfect and eternal love is inevitable.

  • Spirituality: open-minded truth-seekers do not accept a life filled with stress, fear, or any other negative emotion. If true spiritual awakening does not occur within a traditional religion, we are willing to consider teachings that go beyond it. The result is joy, inner peace, and salvation to anyone who decides for it.


Oh, and basically, our lives are more fun. We live our dreams, follow our passions, experience our fantasies, and enjoy abundance in every area of life without sacrifice.

Yet people love to attack someone like me. They say I need help. I’m insane. I’m an idiot. I can feel their anger, frustration, and hatred—which kind of proves the very point I am trying to make.

This is not about being right. I could give a damn about being right. This is not about growing an audience or making money (if so, I wouldn’t be standing behind unpopular truths while I give it all away for free).

The Abscondo project is my attempt to share the wonderful things I’ve learned about life. I am showing you that, if you put this into practice, life can be wonderful. But fair warning: you might not be as popular among miserable people. More on today's podcast:


Or you can listen to the mp3 version here:

Abscondo Podcast 97


Fear is hell. Hell is fear. Love is heaven. Heaven is love.

Hell is not to be feared. To fear is to make hell for yourself. Fear is a way of seeing, a system of thought, but not a reality. If you can learn to live without fear, you will never experience hell. How does one learn to live without fear?

The short answer, by recognizing your identity as love. The life force in you, the positive energy, your entire worth flows from your love. Love flows from within. More than this, it is what you are—the force of life itself.

Can love be threatened or defeated? No, only decided against. Love is in the realm of spirit. It is not a thing you can touch or see. It is in the non-physical dimension of non-matter. Attention can be withdrawn from it, a judgment can be made against it, but it can never be attacked and is eternally there. Waiting.

You, therefore, as love, are eternal and safe. In this knowledge, there is nothing to fear. Reality becomes heaven now, in this life and beyond.

It is all about how we see, and with what kind of vision. If we look upon the sick, fearful images and stories of the world—the one violently thrust upon us through every corrupt institution that exists—then we experience hell now. Why? Because it is all designed to cause fear and the feeling of fear is hell.

If we, instead, withdraw all attention from fear by recognizing its fundamental unreality, we instantly shift to heaven now and always. The way is not hard, but it is very different. A spiritual practice is required, but total success is inevitable for anyone who wants it.


Being real in a time of fake (January 24th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #96)

Many truth-seekers are going through a really difficult time w/ respect to relationships right now. Is it possible to tell the truth and not end up alone?

Today I talk about how to nurture our relationships in an era of fake news, fake media, fake pandemics, and fake Presidents. Seeking truth can set you on a lonely path, but there are ways to navigate this journey without losing people...ways to achieve happiness right now while strengthening your relationships.

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Abscondo Podcast 96

Abscondo Podcast

Enjoy the movie! (QAnon conspiracy is real) (January 23rd, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #95)

We now have more evidence than we need to know that we are watching a movie. The world is about to fundamentally change for the better! Enjoy today's podcasts and watch the excellent videos below for much more detail.

Or listen to the mp3 version here:

Abscondo Podcast 95

Excellent summaries with proof, follow the links below:

Castle Rock - IPOT Presents - 1.23.21 | IPOT1776 (

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How to cope (January 22nd, 2021 | Podcast #94)

Whatever side you are on, the problem is that we are waiting for the future. Find out how to change this way of thinking. Unblock yourself to live fully and in perfect joy, no matter the events of the world.

Or listen to the mp3 version here.

Abscondo Podcast 94


Abscondo Podcast #93: Q, the Great Awakening, and what is happening now

Those who are suffering from the Biden inauguration will feel much better after listening to this podcast. This is a new, concrete theory about what is happening in the world right now. Were the conspiracy theories real? Why didn't it go down the way we expected? This outcome may be far better than we hoped (revealed at around the 15:00 mark).

More importantly, we talk about overcoming the emotionally damaging experience we have been through and becoming your our best selves regardless of world events. Let us consider what "awakening" really is, and how it has nothing to do with past or future. Hope and fear have led us astray, but we have also been shown the truth. At the end of this podcast, you will feel better and will see things very differently. Enjoy! 

Or listen to the audio recording here (may skip on an iPhone):

Abscondo Podcast 93

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