How to live in a system you no longer believe in (January 29th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #98)
The source of an idea is what makes it true or false. (A Course in Miracles)

Fear is the mind’s excuse for insanity

Ironically, our response to fear is often more of a problem than what we are afraid of. Fearful panic leads to bad decisions. Afraid, we suffer from creative paralysis, form abusive relationships, and engage in all sorts of harmful behaviors. Let’s look at the insanity of fear.

Fear pretends to be necessary, pretends to be a rational response, yet the manifestations of fear are insane. A person miserable in isolation is afraid to trust and to fall in love. Another person worries about money, then relieves this stress by going shopping. Others use drugs and alcohol (a real threat to their wellbeing) to escape worried thoughts. To fear health problems is to stress the body and cause illness. In all these examples, it is the response to fear that is the problem rather than the original problem that is perceived.

Fear is the mind’s excuse for all sorts of insanity—its justification for all the decisions and behaviors that cause misery and suffering. Fear is the root of ego, the core emotion that feeds all other negative emotions. The good news is that it can be undone.

It is not necessary to live in fear. Perfect love is the only cure for this disease. If we can think, communicate, act, and respond lovingly each moment, we cannot be attacked or defeated. If this statement is doubted, it is only because you haven't learned about love--what it is and what it does--and put it into practice. If you had, you would know that nothing is more powerful, true, and real than unconditional, perfect love.