Being real in a time of fake (January 24th, 2021 | Abscondo Podcast #96)
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Fear is hell. Hell is fear. Love is heaven. Heaven is love.

Hell is not to be feared. To fear is to make hell for yourself. Fear is a way of seeing, a system of thought, but not a reality. If you can learn to live without fear, you will never experience hell. How does one learn to live without fear?

The short answer, by recognizing your identity as love. The life force in you, the positive energy, your entire worth flows from your love. Love flows from within. More than this, it is what you are—the force of life itself.

Can love be threatened or defeated? No, only decided against. Love is in the realm of spirit. It is not a thing you can touch or see. It is in the non-physical dimension of non-matter. Attention can be withdrawn from it, a judgment can be made against it, but it can never be attacked and is eternally there. Waiting.

You, therefore, as love, are eternal and safe. In this knowledge, there is nothing to fear. Reality becomes heaven now, in this life and beyond.

It is all about how we see, and with what kind of vision. If we look upon the sick, fearful images and stories of the world—the one violently thrust upon us through every corrupt institution that exists—then we experience hell now. Why? Because it is all designed to cause fear and the feeling of fear is hell.

If we, instead, withdraw all attention from fear by recognizing its fundamental unreality, we instantly shift to heaven now and always. The way is not hard, but it is very different. A spiritual practice is required, but total success is inevitable for anyone who wants it.