We are never going back to sleep
How to cope (January 22nd, 2021 | Podcast #94)

Abscondo Podcast #93: Q, the Great Awakening, and what is happening now

Those who are suffering from the Biden inauguration will feel much better after listening to this podcast. This is a new, concrete theory about what is happening in the world right now. Were the conspiracy theories real? Why didn't it go down the way we expected? This outcome may be far better than we hoped (revealed at around the 15:00 mark).

More importantly, we talk about overcoming the emotionally damaging experience we have been through and becoming your our best selves regardless of world events. Let us consider what "awakening" really is, and how it has nothing to do with past or future. Hope and fear have led us astray, but we have also been shown the truth. At the end of this podcast, you will feel better and will see things very differently. Enjoy! 

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Abscondo Podcast 93

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