No idol stands in your way; rather, it is the idea that the idol has power which is the block.
Just because something is happening doesn’t mean it is real

You are the keystone because only the free individual is capable of truth

The Greek word for “truth” is aletheia, which literally means to “un-hide” or “hiding nothing.” (source) “Truth” means telling it like it is, or openness, transparency, and honesty.

In this moment, the world is engaged in a war of information and ideas. All that we perceive as evil, scary, and wrong is that which is hidden. This is a war between not only two—but three powerful forces. As of now, only one side is fundamentally committed to the truth.

We know that there are the Globalists, the Cabal, the Chinese Communist Party, Antifa, the “Deep State” alliance of corruption who are willing to do anything to maintain their grip on power. This side is built entirely upon the shifting sand of countless, shameless lies. Their bold deceit is spun endlessly in the media that they own, told by the government officials they have corrupted, and echoed through all their institutions.

Their purpose is to exploit all resources for their own material benefit. This includes the Earth’s resources as well as the most valuable resource of all: human life. This group has dominated the world for thousands of years, but recently they have gone too far and have been meet with massive resistance.

The second force is the Patriot movement—MAGA, MEGA, Trump and their allies. They are practicing the Art of War to defeat the previously mentioned group. Their intention is to purify the world’s centralized institutions and bring about greater honestly, decency, and transparency. Their ultimate goal is to expose the darkest truths, reveal the sick corruption, and reform the world by re-establishing the rule of law through strength and force if necessary.

It is important to notice that even this group is not committed to truth. They are carrying out a master strategy to soundly defeat the enemy for the good of the people—restoring integrity, human rights, freedom, and opportunity. People like me are in full support of their efforts but are often frustrated by their lack of transparency. We don’t know what is really going on. We are being asked to trust and to decode their messages, but because of the lack of honesty and openness, the process weighs heavily on morale.

The third group is the awakened people. Our faith is in love, in God, in truth and goodness. We do not trust any centralized institution and are at least a little skeptical about whether the MAGA / MEGA / NESARA / GESARA plan can work. Even if they catch the bad guys, can a government, institution, even a religion be free from corruption when the very nature of centralization breeds secrecy and makes corruption inevitable? The goal they are seeking has probably never been attained yet in the history of the world.

We want the truth—the full truth—because we know that this is the only way to heal. By revealing the world’s lies and illusions, what remains is the truth of love. Love is the response to every challenge and contains the total, complete thought system of wisdom. Learn what perfect, unconditional love is and what it does—then put it into practice—and you will have walked the one and only path of salvation. Destroy ego. Trust only in your own, divine authority. Speak and want only the truth. Love unconditionally and accept reality.

We, the millions taking part in this Great Awakening, are the only authority and the only force of good. We are called upon to create and live the reality of truth—of decentralization and freedom now. Trump / MAGA is, at best, our ally (not our savior). We, as individuals and together, must walk in spiritual truth now and never back down. We must join in full and complete union, reveal every lie, speak every word of honesty, connect with our inner inspiration, and live it.

As you undergo this shift, you enable those with institutional power to become a force that might fight corruption and purify institutions. But in the end, you are the keystone because only the free individual is capable of truth.