To give is to share or to create; not to sacrifice
The laws that held you prisoner to pain and death must be forgotten. (A Course in Miracles)

Who is Trump and the Make America Great Again movement really fighting against?

Who is really pulling the strings and controlling world events? Who is corrupting the media and the government around the world? Is it really the Chinese Communist Party? Is that who is attempting to steal the US election? On some level, perhaps. But this cannot be the whole story.

Look honestly at what is happening. We can start by looking at COVID-19. Truth-seekers know that this is no pandemic. It is nothing other than the flu. There are no excess deaths in 2020 beyond any other year. The purpose of this article is not to debate the pandemic. I am writing to those who already know.

The question is, who perpetuated this massive catastrophe called Coronavirus? Well, the corporate media, the healthcare system, and cooperative politicians did. Who controls these organizations?

To understand who pulls the strings in the world, look at who attends the Davos World Economic Summit and who is a member of the Bilderberg Group. Who runs the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank? Who runs the largest banks, corporations, and Big Tech? Are these not the very people who run the world and are controlling events?

The Leftist Progressives used to understand that these people are not their friends. For decades, the elite had control over all political parties. Their dominance was untouchable. Then Trump came along and emerged as a threat. He had the dirt and showed them. He tried to conquer the elite. This happened in 2017.

But the people who run the world did not take it lying down. They fought back. Their response was to align with the Left. They made a rapid shift toward socialist economics, the green movement, and they aligned with minority rights—not because they care about any of this; rather, because it was their best plan to defeat Trump. The Left bought into it and their integrity was severely compromised as a result.

The CCP is also involved, as is the Catholic Church, as is the British Royal Family and so many other parties. This is no conspiracy. They are open about it in Davos each year. We know where the power is: Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Wall Street, Health Care, Big Pharma, Big Media and other massive economic forces. Are these not the very players that carried out the COVID-19 coupe on the world? Yes.

Outside of Trump, the governments of the world are at the mercy of these forces. Worse yet, many politicians were compromised, bribed, or otherwise corrupted through favors and access. We now know that they also used the Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software to rig elections in the US and around the world. All they needed were a few key players in government to play along. They almost got away with it again.

But this time Trump and the patriots were one step ahead. They knew that the people would not support a war directly against the corporate powers and the elite. The Radical Left and Right were ranting about the ruling elite for years, but up against the onslaught of corporate propaganda, the message didn't resonate with people and few were inspired to join with those movements. 

Trump knew that the only war the people would support is against a foreign country—particularly a Communist-led country compromising our elections. He would need to make the case that the Communists corrupted everyone, and that anyone who collaborated with them is also a Traitor. Now the military can get involved and perhaps even take out the ruling elite, who have always been above the law. Brilliant plan and it may work.

This is the story about how the people of the world were shown the truth in 2020. Progressive activists and Libertarians—those on the fringes—have known about and resisted this world order for decades. Now they have either become corrupted or have joined with the Trump movement. Millions more, who know nothing about any of this, are in the process of being shown—shown who runs the world, what their evil agenda is, what their unimaginable crimes against humanity are, and why everything must change.

This is not really about China. This is not about the Great Reset or Communism. It is much bigger than that. This is a direct attack on the Ruling Elite by the government and maybe even the military, with the support of the people, for the first time in generations.