There is no middle ground in any aspect of salvation. You accept it wholly or accept it not. (A Course in Miracles)
Who is Trump and the Make America Great Again movement really fighting against?

To give is to share or to create; not to sacrifice

The concept of giving and charity is a common cornerstone of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and all true spiritual faiths. Perhaps no concept is more misunderstood in the secular world, where the logic goes something like this: “if I give, then I lose and the other wins”.

Seen from this perspective, secular logic would have us focus on getting or receiving rather than giving. Life is seen as a zero-sum game of winners and losers. By this narrow, limited understanding of what "giving" means, charity and generosity is apparently for losers.

The best form of giving offers value to the other without personal sacrifice. When you create something beautiful, useful, or valuable, you are giving. In many cases, you receive a reward that is equal to the value of what you have given.

When you share, it is done from a place of inspiration. You can share ideas, music, a ride, or a meal without any sacrifice because you are enjoying the experience as much as the recipient.

Or you can start a project or business with someone—giving you both opportunities for abundance. Maybe you can hire someone to do a job that needs to be done.

Giving and receiving is best understood as a positive feedback loop between two willing parties. Never give from a place of obligation, guilt, or from a calculation of what you will get in return. Giving should be a positive act of free will that flows from the inspiration of being alive.

Charity does not require you to give what you do not have or to give in a way that you lose. Those who convince you to give in this way are exploiting you. There are countless other ways to give—not within the framework of the zero-sum game; rather, as an act of unlimited value creation.

Value flows from you—from your limitless energy, brilliance, creativity, kindness, and everything else you have to offer. You access this positive dimension of yourself by learning to love yourself. Learn about and adopt the thought system of love. Then extending it. Now you can give as life, itself, gives—as the source, which is never diminished even through limitless expansion.