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To give is to share or to create; not to sacrifice

There is no middle ground in any aspect of salvation. You accept it wholly or accept it not. (A Course in Miracles)

For this statement to make sense, it is necessary to consider what salvation is. What are we being saved from? In a word: ego.

Ego is belief in separation—that we are separate from God, separate from our brothers and sisters, and that our strength and happiness depend upon maintaining our separateness.

To achieve the ongoing reality of separation is impossible. We are not separate from the universe, nor from life, nor from all of reality. To believe so is to feel vulnerable and afraid. Afraid of attack, afraid of illness, afraid of poverty, afraid of death and more. This way of thinking leads to insane behaviors such as lying and manipulating others. Ego causes many to blindly trust institutions as a source of safety while remaining suspicious of their brothers and sisters.

Salvation is the undoing of your belief in separation and the humbling of yourself to reality. It is knowing that you are not your body and mind; rather, the observer. Consciousness. Love. Awareness, itself. This is your identity and it is beyond threat.

Now you recognize that what is real about all your brothers and sisters is also consciousness—this awareness that transcends all the empty space and matter in the universe. Either this is true, or separation is true. It cannot be both and there can be no confusion. When you have made your decision for salvation, then all the ego in the world has no real effect on you.

One path leads to peace, love, the recognition of beauty, creativity, abundance, and eternal life without fear. The other, to isolation, paralysis, suffering, and death. Love or fear? There is no middle ground here.