This is no time for despair!
Wanting only the truth

The miracle is love, and it cures all sickness

Millions of people in the world identify as “spiritual”. But only a tiny percentage of us say that we are fully awakened, that we have died to the world, have transcended ego, or that we have experienced salvation. Many are spiritual seekers, but then claim it is impossible to be completely free from the ego’s grip.

There is a reason why people find me annoying—why very few people care at all about this post or the 679 preceding it. Rather than seeking approval, I say clearly and openly that I have completely destroyed my ego. My full faith is in God’s love as the answer to every challenge. My real life is such that I do not experience suffering, crisis, or arguments in my close relationships. It is also annoying to people when I share the good news that I used to be ill all the time, then I awakened 6 years ago and no longer get sick.

The ego retains control over people by convincing them that sickness is real, sacrifice is virtue, suffering is inevitable, that people cannot be trusted, that fear is natural, anger and attack is sometimes justified, jealousy and possessiveness is love, and so on. Remember, the ego’s mantra is “seek but do not find”. A person who has shattered the ego is largely left alone in a miserable world run by ego. We try to share the good news, but ego cannot listen because that would spell its death and your joy.

There are no degrees to salvation. You can’t be “a little more spiritual” or have “less of a problem with ego”. You are either in the egoic state of existence or you are spiritually conscious. You are either led by fear (and all the negative emotions that flow from it) or love. You cannot serve two masters and cannot find any degree of sanity within two thought systems—one sane and the other insane, one real and the other unreal. Retain any illusions and the eternal promises of spiritual awakening remain only theory for you (not your reality).

When I say that I am spiritually awake, I am not claiming to be perfect. When I err, which happens frequently, I can unemotionally observe the error and undo it. If the ego re-emerges—perhaps through an occasional attack thought here or there—then I (the real me, as consciousness) can observe it, disidentify from it, let it go, correct any damage that has been done, and re-align with the thought system and energy of love.

The world is sick, and all sickness is of the ego. The ego puts stress on the body, drains us of vital energy, and weakens our immune systems until we fall ill. How do I know this is true? By testing out egoless existence and experiencing perfect health, myself. Since I first heard of COVID-19, almost a year ago now, I remembered this quote from A Course in Miracles and knew that it was not real. I knew that a spiritually awakened individual cannot catch it and certainly cannot die from it. We are immune.

“It must be true the miracle can heal all forms of sickness, or it cannot heal. Its purpose cannot be to judge which forms are real, and which appearances are true.” -A Course in Miracles

Those who convince us of the reality of COVID, who force us into submission through mandatory masks, social distancing, and vaccines, who tell us a more dangerous strain is on the horizon—these are the dark forces of ego. The ego is the conditioned mind. The world domesticates and indoctrinates us, and it happens from birth. Spiritual awakening means completely transcending the ego in yourself and ignoring it in the world. The news media is an illusion, as is politics. The healthcare system causes illness far more than it cures. Every centralized institution is a giant ego that attacks us. All of this is untrue. False. Illusion. It only has meaning if we give it meaning.

This is salvation. There are many paths, many different teachings and faiths, and various words pointing to this same thing, but it really is this simple. Do not try to understand this with the mind. Open the mind and heart. Read / listen to the beautiful books of self-evident truth and wisdom. Suspend disbelief. Put it into practice. Find out for yourself what joy, happiness, love, perfect safety, and the absence of suffering feels like. Go all the way or don’t bother at all.